Thursday, 4 June 2015

The SWTOR speeder giveaway winners

Thanks everyone for entering my first giveaway! It was exciting for me to do because I had no idea if people would actually want any of the rewards. I was overwhelmed to see so many positive reactions. Special thanks go to everyone who shared my giveaway post.

In this post I'll reveal the winners, who were decided upon by random draw. But first I'll test your patience with the results of my mini inquiry.

Speeders or live mounts?

I'm aware that the amount of entries is hardly representative of the whole SWTOR population, but I thought it'd be fun to show what people thought regardless. (Also, it helps me satiate my desire for pretty graphs, so shush.)

Both speeders and live mounts seem to be popular, but speeders are slightly favoured.
Pretty graph

Why? Here are some arguments you guys so kindly provided:

Pro speeder Pro live mount
more immersive (mounts should not go as fast) they're a nice change
it's silly not to use if it's there they remind me of Obi Wan in the movie
they make sense in a sci-fi setting they feel more fantastic and cool
they give more of a 'Star Wars-y' feel they cheer me up
you can put awesome bumper stickers on them

All very solid arguments, I'd say. (Note that providing an argument was totally optional, so it's fine if you did not do so. It has not influenced your chances at winning.)

Personally, I'm more of the live mount type myself, mostly because I'm not a fan of exhaust fumes and because I'm fond of animals. That said, my characters use both speeders and live mounts, depending on what suits that particular character best.

The winners

Conrad was so kind as to offer me his cantina code, which means that I have four bonus Prinawe Congregates to give away! Below a list of the lucky winners, plus their answer to the question: do you prefer speeders or live mounts?

2015 Cantina speeder "Prinawe Congregate" (5 + 4* winners)
1. DJ turnLowSpeeders
2. Brian B. - Speeders
3. Evan L. - Speeders
4. Terry H. - Speeders
5. Marinka - Live mounts

* Bonus winners
6. Simon - Live mounts
7. Liry - Live mounts
8. Rowan Blaze - Speeders
9. Isey - Speeders

If you are one of the winners, make sure to claim your speeder swiftly: the code I have sent you will expire within two weeks.

And the big TRE winner is...

I thought it appropriate to do the draw with /roll
So if you didn't win anything, stick to tradition and blame Bioware('s algorithm)!

TRE Speeder Starter Pack (1 winner)
1. Marinka - Live mounts

All winners have been contacted. If you won, but have not gotten any message, make sure to check the contact details you previously left for me in the comments, for instance your Google+ account (if that's something you don't check very often). If you left an e-mail address, check your spam folder. You can otherwise contact me with the details posted on my About me page.

That's it guys. It was lovely to give away stuff and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Since everyone was so enthusiastic, I might be doing another giveaway later in the year, provided I can come up with something that can be handed out cross server again. Stay tuned!


  1. Gratz to all of the winners! Rav, this was a really cool idea. I bow to your total awesomeness lolol.

    1. I'm glad you liked it! I hope you'll have more luck next time. :)

  2. I think anything that can be bought straight from the Cartel Market could be gifted cross-server, you'd just have to roll a character on the right server and buy the item there... (I think). Of course that would require you to actively spend Cartel coins on the prize.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

    1. I thought about that, but I'm a bit of a scrooge when it comes to cartel coins. I wouldn't mind if I'd have a job and all, but I'm a student and can't afford to buy extra CC if I run out. So I tend to hang on to my coins in case something really cool passes by. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

  3. Yay bonus winner! Thanks Rav.

  4. Thank you Rava and all those who donated the codes. Bonus winner here too!

  5. I feel very lucky to have won both :D. Thanks for the gifts it was great.

    1. It certainly was an exciting roll to do. Congratulations on your wins!

  6. Ack I though I had thanked you here. Thank you!


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