Friday, 12 June 2015

I hung something on the wall and now you'll have to read this whole post about it

What is sorcerer Fárah doing on Oricon? Shouldn't she be busy defeating Revan or something? Well, Fárah is here to bring you news of her latest personal victory. Last weekend, she finally managed to defeat dread master Brontes on nightmare mode.

The past month I've been quiet about my raiding advancement and that was, unfortunately, not because I was too lazy to keep you guys up to date. Master & Blaster hardmode has turned out to be more cruel to us than Torque ever was. So when we were unexpectedly two men down for our Sunday raid and had to pug people we didn't know, we decided to return to one of the old operations, the Dread Fortress, instead.

Behold, my Dread operation achievement hall below, situated in my Tatooine village. It showcases all the nightmare mode trophies I've gathered over the course of the previous operation cluster. The bosses are sorted on their order of appearance, with the final bosses Brontes and the Dread Council on each end of the hall respectively. The latter break the theme by having a hardmode frame.

A part of the Dread Palace side. F.l.t.r.: Dread master Tyrans, Calphayus, Raptus and the Dread Council

I never quite managed to finish the Dread operations on nightmare mode completely. This is partly due to our Imperial raid group only getting together near the end of the Oricon raid cluster (my former one left for ESO after we cleared hardmode). In the last week before 3.0 hit the servers and the level cap was increased, the group managed to finally defeat Brontes nightmare mode after several weeks of almost killing her. Of course, I just happened to not be there that evening. After that kill everyone was suffering from an Oricon burnout. We rather spent our time leveling to 60 and trying out the Yavin IV and Rishi raids.

Meanwhile, my character was getting infuriated by those portraits at the end of her hall showing them peasant hardmode frames instead of the nightmare mode frames...

Dread master Brontes nightmare mode finally shining in my hall it felt good to tear down one of those old frames and replace it with a proper picture of Brontes after our Dread Fortress nightmare mode kill. Now just the Dread Council to go!

As per tradition, the pug of course won the most desirable piece of loot, the Wings of the Architect. However, I was very lucky to win the popular volcanic kell drake (top picture of this post), very politically incorrectly referred to as "the little retard dragon" among my peers. (The nickname is meant lovingly, though, and is based on its very cute but undeniably stupid facial expression.)

I am very happy with my little dragon. Totally not because of its red skin fitting great with my red lightsaber and red alternative outfits or something. I mean, you know how some people pick their pets to match their outfit or interior design, and then dump them when something else becomes fashionable? Atrocious behaviour. Obviously I am totally above that. *looks innocent*

Do you have a trophy hall as well? Do you parade around the fleet with your hard-earned mounts and pets? It's okay to show off. Brag about it in the comments, post your pics or write your own blog post.

P.S. Coming up with titles is hard, okay?


  1. I saw your top picture and all I could think was "who's a good dog?!" I really should reorganize my trophies in a similar fashion. I like this idea.

    1. Haha, you're right, he does look like a good dog a bit. I should totally have used that as a caption!

      I'm glad you like the trophy hall. It's the only thing I could think of for that weird hallway, honestly.

  2. I thought I was so clever when I sorted my boss portraits by the order in which the bosses appear in the operation, but you're not the first person I've heard of who does the same!

    It's interesting to see people try to use the same strategies when dealing with stalling ops progression, as we worked on Brontes NiM last night as well (never got her down before as a guild, but made good progress last night so it should only be a matter of a little more practice with level 60 power levels). However, I already won the Volcanic Kell Drake the first time we killed her on hard. /brag ;)

    Incidentally, I thought this was a great post title! :P

    1. Cool to hear you were also busy with Brontest NiM. Great minds... ;)

      What I like about the Dread operations as they currently are is that they, although considerably easier to heal and DPS, still have mechanics that are harsh enough not to be ignored. So doing them is still a challenge. I hope my group will be up for the Dread Council NiM at some point. I can't stand that they're still undefeated (by us, that is). And not just because I'm missing that one nightmare mode frame, I promise! ;)

      I'm certain you'll get Brontes NiM down soon!

      Also glad to hear you didn't mind the title. I probably shouldn't come up with ones like this all the time, but I'm happy that once is excusable. ^^

  3. Since you asked... :p

    P.S.: My thoughts about the first picture were the same as gamerladyp. And like Shintar I also thought it was quite an interesting post title!

  4. I don't really have a trophy wall but I'm strongly thinking of getting more organized when the Yavin 4 stronghold comes out. I've heard it's got more hooks than the others, so I think I'll shut down my other apartments and just focus on decorating the "home base".


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