Friday, 25 March 2016

Fashion Friday: a purple shadow

This Fashion Friday I'm introducing you to my shadow Gaïende, who is very fond of a certain colour (her eyes, the lightsaber crystal, the clothes... you get it). This is her second tanking outfit out of three - and yes, they're all purple! I didn't get a lot of pictures, unfortunately, but I wanted to share it anyway because I'm quite fond of it: it has a lot of different armour pieces from various sources.

The set

Consular's Renowned Headgear (legacy L10, light armour, consular)
Stylish Dress Top (cartel market, adaptive) (secondary gray dye)
Skilled Hunter Gauntlets (cartel market, adaptive) (unify colours)
Acolyte Bracers (random world drop, L18, light armour, republic only)
Forest Scout Belt (cartel market, adaptive) (unify colours)
Veda Cloth Lower Robe (crafted, L56, synthweaving, light armour) (unify colours)
Satele Shan's Boots (cartel market, adaptive) (unify colours)


The Consular's Renowned Headgear is bought from the consular legacy vendor on Coruscant. You need to have legacy level 10 for it and be a consular to wear it, and it is the only item with this cosmetic as far as I'm aware. If you want this look on a non-consular, you'll have to go with one of the other headbands.

A piece that I really love are the world dropped Acolyte Bracers (not to be confused with the basic commendation gear that shares the same name but has a different cosmetic). For as far as I'm aware, this cosmetic is only available in the form of unmoddable armour. I was so annoyed by this back when there was no outfit designer in the game! I kept the Acolyte Bracers in my legacy bank since 2012 just so I could remember to look out for the moddable version (which never happened). I'm pretty proud at how well the bracers fit with the curly silver details of the Stylish Dress Top (shoulders, back, chest above the belt). Multiple random world drop items share the cosmetic, for instance the Alderaanian Cadet's Cuffs (L19) and Ithorian Double-Stitched Bindings (L17).

Unfortunately, the bracers' cosmetic is unavailable for Imperial characters, as far I'm aware - it looks different on Imp side. The Stylish and Stately Dress Cuffs are acceptable alternatives. They're both available on the cartel market.

The Veda Cloth Lower Robe looks identical to the Veda Cloth Greaves Ruusan and Dynamic Defence Lower Robe and all are crafted. Unfortunately, there's no way to get the cosmetic below level 56. You'd have to go for other miniskirts such as the Noble Attendant Leggings (cartel market adaptive armour) but these don't follow the outlines of the top.

Satele Shan's Boots are the most expensive of this set. I think they cost me 1 million credits back in the day, but I wouldn't be surprised if the price has gone up a lot since then. I really like their length in combination with the mini skirt, though, so I can't think of another one. Perhaps one of those high smuggler boots: TholCorp Footgear (random world drop, adaptive armour L61) or TH-21A Master Scoundrel Boots (medium armour, L53) - Republic only.


  1. Well I am dissapointed where is the regal chemlizard :P

    1. Just kidding (that mount is really ugly, but purple). I love the set, and I am jealous on the satele boots I think there are now 30 million or something :/. Maybe I can save for that...

    2. [IMG][/IMG]

      Gaïende is so fond of her Coastal Varactyl that the poor Chemilizard is ignored for now, even though it is Regal. However, it is entirely possible that the Regal Chemilizard will make an appearance on this blog some day... *ominous music*

      Also, I just checked the GTN and Satele's Boots have gone up to 35 million credits?! A box with the whole set goes for 100 million. Do people actually pay those kind of prices? O_O

    3. Yeah the Satele armour is way to expensive now :(. I gave up the hope that I will ever get it, 35 million is just to much. I happy if I have 2 million.

  2. She's gorgeous!! Definitely digging all the purple💜 When I was playing, I could NOT get the hang of dyes and the whole unify color thing. I never thought to look up how to actually do it though, so that's my bad:P If I ever start playing again, I'll have to get some styling tips from you!

    1. I'm really happy with the unify colours option: no other MMO I play has it, and it often makes pieces look great together without even having to use any dyes. I agree that the whole system is a bit confusing, though. My guess is that it's because the different parts have been introduced gradually to the game: first there was only unify colours, then the dyes came and finally the ♥ outfit designer ♥. Especially confusing are the dyes. I was so disappointed when they were introduced to the game, because it could have been done so much better! Most of the colours are ugly and not all colours are available in all three varieties (primary colour, secondary colour, combination with other colours). The primary/secondary colour option was a great idea, but it's so poorly executed... /rant

      Sorry, I let myself get carried away there. On the positive side: if you can find your way through the different outfitting options, you're usually able to make something to your liking.

      Also, if you ever dip your toe into SWTOR again, of course I'll help you with the outfit designer! Oh, and don't forget to reroll on The Red Eclipse while you're at it. :P

  3. I will be engaging in blatant thievery on that one.

    1. Yay! You're welcome to try... *stealthes out*

  4. I have to admit I like the look.

    I've wondered whether a Shadow might do better in blacks and purples, because they're the "special ops" of the Jedi Order, but I do like this look.

    1. Black and purple for special ops - how so? *confused*


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