Monday, 6 June 2016

Six times brown

It's the sixth, so it's time to delve into the screenie archive and delve up to brown ones! Many of the games I enjoy take place in a realistic, natural setting with lots of shades of brown, so this one didn't take very long. Enjoy!

Six times brown

1) Ravalyn and Kira

SWTOR: Star Wars wouldn't be Star Wars without a female brown-haired heroine. (Seriously, after Leia, Rey and now Rogue 1, a heroine with a different hair colour would feel refreshing.) The jedi knight fit that role best, so meet guardian Ravalyn (left) and her padawan Kira (right). Now if you'd look at their classes, Kira should be wearing medium armour and Ravalyn heavy, but hey, I'm responsible for my padawan's safety so... Dammit, it just looked better this way, okay?

2) Brown Rohan sky

LOTRO: I couldn't think of a game with an entirely brown landscape (it would look very depressing, so I don't mind), but then I found this screenshot I took somewhere while questing in Rohan. A peculiar brown sky reflects in the river in a landscape that looks both ominous and beautiful at once. The Rohan areas vaguely remind me of paintings by Paulus Potter. It has to do with the way the trees look and the impressive skies. We just need less horses and more cows.

3) Travelling woodelf

Skyrim: Oh, Skyrim... I found this screenshot that I made accidentally (hence the weird angle, but I actually kinda like it) and get reminded of the game I loved so much, but broke my heart when I ran into a bug so severe I had to start all over. I made a serious attempt to do so in the fall, when I went to Sweden and didn't know if I'd have access to internet right away, but my favourite ENB mod was discontinued and I couldn't endure the bleak graphics without it. One day I will start over and finish the story; one day, but not today.

4) Ravarun in bear form

LOTRO: Remember Ravarun from The day I gave in and created a Beorning? (Yes, you've discovered my secret now, I'm abusing this prompt to plug old blog posts. Or you could say I'm doing short follow ups on old blog posts, depends on your point of view.) I must admit I haven't played Ravarun all that much since her creation, even though I've heard from friends that the class is quite fun to play and - how could it be otherwise - broken in some overpowered ways. I'm definitely hoping to some day earn the Return to Grimbeorn's Lodge skill so I can admire the gorgeous view there once more. I reportedly need to exterminate 100 goblins for that, so if you're a goblin and you're reading this, better run and hide!

5) Ravarun in human form

LOTRO: While I'm at it, I may just as well show you Ravarun in human form as well. Here she made it into the Midgetwater Marshes. Ravarun is level 24 now and has successfully tanked the Great Barrow instance (the first six man instance in the game). It wasn't easy, especially when fighting large groups of enemies, because you need to use some skills to get wrath, then transform into bear form before you have AoE skills to get the attention of everything. I'm sure it'll get better when you get more skills at higher levels. I really enjoy outfitting Ravarun with 'tribal outfits', such as the Dunlending robe above.

6) Evil zabrak rebel leader

SWTOR: In the Star Wars universe, the zabrak are mostly known as fearsome warriors because of the famous red-with-black skinned Darth Maul; thank RNGsus I decided Waseme above looked at least as scary in brown or I wouldn't have had a traditional "alien in the colour of the month"! Waseme used to be hooded with only her smouldering yellow eyes being visible, but her recently acquired new political role as leader of the Alliance rebels made her change into a more accessible look.

Do you have six favourite brown screenies or photos of your own? Feel free to make your own 6 on 6 blog post or post them in the comments*; everyone is welcome to participate!

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Is Rav being even more of a slowpoke with answering your comments than usual? Don't despair, I'm on holiday and pre-scheduled this post in a hardcore attempt to keep my posting schedule. (For science!) I'm looking forward to your comments already and promise to reply to them all when I'm back! (Wait, what did I just say? /faint)

"6 on 6" is a series of 6 screenshots on the 6th of each month, themed on colour: August: blue - September: purple - October: orange - November: gold - December: red - January: white - February: black - March: pink - April: silver - May: green - June: brown - July: yellow. The event is hosted by Emma of the Scruffy-Little Nerd Herder.

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