Sunday, 1 April 2012

ME 1: A blue companion

I strongly dislike shooter games. I mean, killing orcs with swords is okay, right? Shooting them with a gun would be wrong though. Okay, perhaps I'm not making that much sense after all (as I've been told before many times), but fact is that as soon as I get a gun in my hands, I give up on games. No different with Mass Effect. My boyfriend has been trying to persuade me to play Mass Effect for many weeks now. Apparently the story is something I should not miss, you could play as a biotic and barely would have to shoot things and it had aliens. The latter tipped the scale. Today he got his way.

It was actually not too bad: I let him do the shooting while I could sit back and watch, much like interactive TV. The protagonist, Lupine Shepard, had just been promoted to Spectre: a member of a top elite force that is allowed to do what they want for the sake of the galaxy. Female James Bonds for the win! Now we had to go to a boring dusty planet and found our target to be a cute girl. I knew she was cute right away because she did what probably would have happened to me as well in her situation: while running away from scary geth invaders, she ran right into a blue jelly wall and very charmingly hung there until we arrived to free her. Afterwards, she was more than happy to join us on our ship. Some of my crew members did not approve (she would sabotage our mission because we're after her evil mother, she is an alien etc - eew, racists!), but they had bad luck because I like cute blue aliens. New to my crew: Liara T'Soni!

Perhaps I will play more of this game later to satisfy my curiosity to the story's ending.


  1. I'm the same way. I don't much like shooter games (I tend to be horrible at them which is probably the main reason why), but I feel like I'm missing out on some good stories.

    1. I hear Mass Effect is possible to play with pure biotics too (much like magic), although it's probably pretty hard in the beginning, when you don't have so many skills yet. I think it's easier to get a boyfriend to do the shooting for you, though. :P

      Glad to hear I'm not the only one!


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