Monday, 16 April 2012

SWTOR: Speedy stuff

We reached level 40, the illustrious level at which you are allowed to buy a speeder with increased speed! Being out of money, we had to duo some heroics to be able to get it, ending up being level 41. It was totally worth it though, as we found out after logging back in after update 1.2 that the speeder price had been reduced by 30%. Lucky us!

Buying a speeder is much like buying a new car (I think): you have a vague idea about what models/brands there are out there, but need to look around a bit. A quick look through the speeder offer on the Republic fleet was not very encouraging: only 'lawn-mowers' and the orange specimen my boyfriend bought were for sale. Lawn-mowers are out of the question, and people who know me, know that orange is not the colour to appease me. I once even started an online 'Orange club' (de Sinaasappelclub) with as sole purpose to vent my detest of everything being orange and having to drink orange juice each day. (A search through resulted in the conclusion that the Sinaasappelclub has been removed - a severe loss for the online community!) 

Off to Tatooine it was, to shop speeders.

On Tatooine, I had the last chance to admire my old girly speeder (picture above and left). It's much like the scooters those too-lazy-to-cycle girly types in real life ride around with. Mine is of course much cooler because it can fly!

The vendor on Tatooine only had slow speeders though, and a quick search through the internet showed me that Quesh was the place to be. In retrospect not much of a surprise, as a polluted industrial planet seems just the place for these racing models that don't look very environmentally friendly, modestly speaking.

If you are looking for a speeder yourself, SWTOR Things is the place to be. It has an overview of all models plus their looks and where to get them. This website successfully directed me to Quesh.

It was on Quesh that I found my lovely poisonous green Lhosan Racer that fits perfectly with my flashy green consular lightsaber and my dark green Anointed Dramassian Silk Vestments. Keep rocking!


  1. how do u play? always been interested. :)

    i'm aalya rain by the way.

    1. Hey Aalya, fun to see you drop by! What exactly did you mean with your question? How to get/play SWTOR? Or what class I play?

      I saw you're a Star Wars-fan too. I like SWTOR myself: it has a nice story, you can visit all the famous planets, swing around with lightsabers... most fun to play together with friends, though.

  2. Don't think I will ever have enough credits to buy my new speeder.

    1. Awwwws. Just poke me on Skype and drag me along to do a Heroic together. We'll be there before you know it!


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