Tuesday, 5 February 2013

SWTOR: Better with friends

I've been really much into SWTOR lately. Somehow there's this feeling that there are so many fun things to do, while I don't have this urge in LotRO. On top of that, many friends have either returned to the game or started a free-to-play account. I forgot how much fun it was to play together with friends.

First there are three 'real life' friends that love to do lowbie-PvP with us and joined our guild yesterday. Together, we play a scoundrel (healer) and two shadows; Tiger plays his vanguard and I gunslinger Y-u'no. We have great fun over Skype while playing and I hope this will go on for a while.

Then there are two lotro-wiki friends that separately have been leveling jedi consulars on Tython. I've taken great delight in sending out my army of crafters to gear them up, and took them on a tour to the datacrons of Tython. I even rolled a second sage to level a bit duo with one of them (picture above, I already had all four jedi classes leveled past Tython). Not sure what I'll do with her - perhaps I'll keep her and do some lowbie PvP healing: my main sage is level capped, after all.

A cookie for those who can discover Delanee on this picture - now that's natural stealthiness!

Last night, I couldn't sleep at all. Around 5 am I finally gave up trying and went in-game. The fleet was pretty much deserted save the occasional general chat lunatic. But there was my American F2P friend, willing to let me drag him into show him his first flashpoint, Esseless. My shadow Delanee was around the right level (12), so there we went, two shadows and two green monsters. Everything went smooth (apart from two ocassional deaths, which we will conveniently forget) and at the end we looked like twins, wearing the same crafted and Esseless gear! Good times.


  1. Haha, only the lekku give you away! :P

    And it was fun to spot you on the fleet. ^^

    1. Oh wow, you found her!

      I was so surprised when you spotted me on the fleet. And that on my little gunslinger, even! I was being a bit sleepy, didn't see you at first. Then I was like, Shintar... Shintar... oh! :D

  2. Hey, you managed to preserve one picture from the flashpoint after all! Playing with a bunch of friends and chattering together on Skype sounds like so much fun, I'm going to have to try that with you guys sometime and get over my voice shyness. :-P (We only did that one Rift run over Vent...) Most importantly, I'm glad you're having so much fun and reminding the rest of us why online games are social!

    1. Yes, this is the only screenshot that the computer *did* manage to make of all adventures. And you can only see Delanee on it if you have laser eyes! Your character is well visible, although there are some lekku sticking out of your back. :P

      I'm still so annoyed that all my screenshots were just gone like that, I know there were some awesome ones in there! But we'll have to do with these for now, and it will be better again for the next posts.

      It was great fun to play together, and we should do it soon again. Getting over voice shyness is also always a good thing! :)


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