Monday, 11 February 2013

SWTOR: I float and gain stats

University has started again and I'm very busy, but luckily I've been able to play some SWTOR in between things. Crafting and trying to discover nice recipes is perfect for when you don't have much time to play, or I just play a few warzones during a study break. 

Last week, I finally went to get the fleet datacrons on my main character Ravanel. It was the first time I did it, and man, it was annoying! We tried to pull people up with Rescue for the last part, but we kept *just* not making it and falling down, and then we could start all over again, trying to get in. I was so happy when all six of us finally made it! 

For those who don't know: the fleet datacrons give a permanent +10 boost to all your stats. You need at least four people and special items to be able to get it. Gamefront has a guide written out here.


Ravalation on datacrons:


  1. That first picture is pretty cool. Anyway, congratulations! :)

    ~ Rakuno


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