Tuesday, 26 February 2013

SWTOR: Goodbye, bipedal friends

*Wave wave* back, green octopodsomething!

Today the Gree ventured back to wherever they came from, and left behind a lot of frustrated non-Champion standing players. A bit of a bummer was that they went an hour earlier than the normal reset time, so many people weren't able to hand in their quests. Including me, who had just traveled the whole galaxy to listen to robots talking their incomprehensible gibberish.

...internal repair mechanisms... bla bla... brr, I wish I'd brought my coat...

Yeah yeah, I feel very grey parallel as well...

You're a purple tangent yourself! Now, can I please go?

Overall, I did like the Gree event. The dailies were just... dailies, but they were okay (apart from maybe those animals that really should've dropped more quest items). The PvP stuff was a new and fun thing, but for me soon lost it shine. Initially, I was a bit disappointed with the low amount of PvP going on: people were just waiting in line to use the pylon in the middle. Soon, however, I was turned all over and was getting rather annoyed by people in full PvP expertise gear ganking others. The reason, I think, is that there are no rewards for killing people, so everything feels like pointless violence to me. Of course there is a reward: feeling mighty and cool because you are in power and can annoy people who can do nothing about it, but that is just... crap. I'm this cute little jedi, I prefer people working together to people acting like assholes.

I'm left behind with a mixed feeling. The dailies were a nice change of pace to normal SWTOR life, but I didn't have the time to grind them much beyond the reputation cap every week, and it felt a bit unfair that I wasn't able to get as many reputation as others because I only have one level capped character. At the end of the event, I could only buy Xialin her own little borg cube pet (thought it was fitting for a cyborg). I'll have to wait for the next event for the legacy weapons and the amazing white outfit. The big question remaining is when the Gree will return.


  1. That series of screenshots of the Gree droids plus commentary is priceless. :D

  2. Late to the party, but I third the motion.

    RE gankers: It's a shame that people think it's fun to annoy others just so they can feel superior themselves. I can only assume they lead such pitiful meatspace lives that they feel the need to bully others in cyberspace.


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