Monday, 22 April 2013

LOTRO: Auto-attacking the content to death

Getting ready for some raging

After losing myself to one of my rare rants when playing the Bells of Dale for the first time, I found out I'm not the only one who is baffled by Turbine's urge to make content easier and easier. I stumbled upon this video by Jureon (who happens to also play on my server), who must've been really bored, because he recorded his captain soloing the first trash pull (two signature dwarves) of Iorbar's Peak T1 (a 3-man instance) with auto-attacks using his buff stick. I know it's tier 1 and the mobs are not supposed to hit hard, but I mean... seriously.

At the end there he gets a bit nervous and kites for a few seconds, but at that point it really doesn't matter that much anymore.

So what's next? Anyone else got some videos? What about a burgler soloing the Webs of the Scuttledells? Or - just for nostalgia's sake - Bogbereth soloed by the sabertooth tiger?


  1. Have you seen this thread?

    It's where some of these videos and stories are coming from.

    I even did my own experiment:

    I'm quite saddened (and angered) at the road the game is going down.

    1. I've gone away from the forums a bit because I get pretty tired from all the crying and I don't play LotRO that actively at the moment. I'm really impressed by your experiment, though! That's just sick.

      Thanks for sharing, and to be continued...

    2. I keep coming back to this post and thinking, "Let's go play old-school EverQuest!!"

      But I wouldn't subject you to those visuals, and classes would be too one-dimensional for your taste, I guess. :-P

    3. Wow, Everquest... now that *is* old school indeed!

      You are right about me and visuals, though. I could never get into WoW (which I tried before LotRO) because I just thought everything looked too cartoony and undetailed.


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