Friday, 26 April 2013

LOTRO: Six-year anniversary

I logged in the other day to check out LotRO's sixth anniversary event and saw that I had received two neat little packages in my inventory: one with a range of fireworks and one with the Festive Azure Steed which is given to all five-year subscribers. If you remember, I just missed out on that one last year. I also got the gold leaf portrait, which I think is the prettiest of the anniversary portraits. Yay!

When I logged in, there was this huge quest icon dangling in my screen that I just clicked to get rid of. I was instantly ported to Bree, where I ran into the familiar crowd of pyromaniacs trying to set Bree afire. The fireworks were as beautiful as ever. Despite all the light, it was still too dark to properly admire the new horse, so I had to wait until dawn to get the picture of waving 'queen Ravanel' above.

Riding through Bree, I found the anniversary event to be pretty much the same as last year. I must confess that I was strangely relieved that there were no new outfits or horses to go for. This is probably because I remember how many tokens you had to collect for those the previous years (I'm very grind-intolerant), and how much I disliked the envelope quest. There is a war-steed appearance of the anniversary horse, but if everything goes well I'll get that at next year's anniversary. I rather wait a year than grind or buy it now.

       Anniversary outfit         

The 6-year anniversary festival ends at May 6th (extended by six days). This was the anniversary for me, I hope you enjoy yours!


  1. I kind of expected you to have thoughts about the new expansion announcement, but I guess there's not much yet to say (although the commenters here found plenty, heheh).

    1. I do have things to say, but I thought it was good to have a positive post somewhere in between. :P

  2. Yay! Congratulations on your pretty blue dressed horse! I am envious. I look forward to getting it in May-2015 though. :D

    I'm sure you know this by now, but festival was extended until May 6 and a new horse and various goodies were added. Not a fan of last minute additions but there it is. ...don't worry, be happy... :)

    1. Thanks, I'm really happy with the horse! Thanks for the update as well. I'll have to check the new goodies then. Are there any gorgeous cosmetic items by any chance?


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