Wednesday, 10 April 2013

SWTOR: PvP'ing on my sage

Yesterday was the first day of Makeb! So did I run to my ship for some first class disaster tourism and giant slugs? I did not. It all comes down to boyfriend aggro.

Yup, boyfriend aggro. I'm sure you've all heard of 'wife aggro' or 'girlfriend aggro', but 'boyfriend aggro' certainly exists as well. While I wanted to go to the new planet to check out what's new, Tiger just wanted to PvP.

"Makeb's out and you want to PVP?!"

"Yes, Makeb is full of quests." *looks disgusted* "Besides, we can do lowbie PvP on our level 50's now."

"But but.. there's a whole new story, surely you want to check that out?"

"We can PvP and I'll play my guardian. I will guard you always and nobody will be able to take you down!"

His eyes were just twinkling with PvP so much that I understood there wouldn't be much point trying to get him to do something else. And secretly, I was also a bit curious at what it would be like to PvP on my sage. She hit level 50 before we tried lowbie PvP and I only healed in PvE on her. Of course I do have some PvP healing experience from my sorcerer Fárah. But Ravanel is wearing full Dreadguard with the best augments and everything. Surely that had to count for something?

The results were hilarious.

Ridiculous healing in Voidstar. Tiger was playing his sage Adelynn because Belaselle promised to guard me.

Some observations:
  • Numbers overall have gone up so much! It's of course because everything gets scaled up to level 50 or higher, but it's funny when you're used to lowbie PvP as it used to be. Before the expansion, getting over 400k damage was already ridiculously high, and now people are getting 600k without effort. And look at that healing. My next goal is 1 million!
  • Fighting feels so much quicker. Inductions are shorter (alacrity has been buffed) and people deal more damage. Playing warzones has a different feeling to it, they are over before you realize. It's something to get used to, but I like it so far.
  • Of course we lost this Voidstar because of some the high damage of the other team and some people not calling out when their door got attacked. Some things never change.

Healing on Ravanel in PvP was fun. She's just so much better than Fárah! I will play some warzones while leveling up to 55. I just hope I won't level too quickly.

Eventually, I got Tiger to come to Makeb with me and of course he did like it after all. I'll write about that in my next post.


  1. I didn't dare to do a warzone after Gloop told me he died in like 3 seconds! But I guess it is doable if somebody is guarding you.

    1. Make Gloop guard you! I'm sure you can provide some womanly charm (totally not manipulation, *cough*) to make it happen. Otherwise, Tiger can come on his guardian and take care of you while I play Y-u'no. :)

      You get to endure a lot of damage on a healer, but at the same time you heal more as well. For instance I played an amazing Civil War yesterday where Tiger and I continuously fought over control of the middle without dying once (while being heavily targeted). I got 950k healing that warzone!

  2. Whoo! Fun to finally take your main in and put all that fancy raid gear and high-quality skills to work. :) I remember being impressed how quickly numbers go up with each level in SWTOR - in other games sometimes gaining a level doesn't really change your stats or damage/healing output much at all. A certain quest on SW could be impossible on one level, and then quite manageable as soon as you ding.

    At the same time, I learned to be happy with just a +1 increase to Willpower on each of my mods every couple of levels. Didn't always seem like it was worth it to get new equipment on each planet, but what else are you gonna spend the Commendations for? Have fun getting to 55 and ONE MILLION healing! :D

    1. Gear and level does really help with questing, I notice that too! Funnily enough, it doesn't matter so much anymore in warzones, as they introduced a new 'bolster system' with the expansion, that tries to make up for having bad gear. It might actually help slightly too well!

      Some (most?) people are getting higher numbers while playing naked, so there's loads of bare-chested men in underwear to observe (I recommend playing a few warzones for the eye candy!). So the system is a 'bit' broken, but I found I luckily still get higher numbers with my gear on. Latest update: I got 950k healing yesterday... so close!

    2. Hahahahah! I remember talking with Chris about his experience with PvP and how overpowered he felt when he had all purple gear at level 14 or so - before that I didn't realize that there WAS scaling and buffing in PvP and figured that my mediocre performances were due to my lower level. Pretty funny to see that turned on its head, though, but it does make me wonder even more how they calculate and adjust things. I may have to sign on some time and get a Tiger lecture about the way they buff people (especially if most people get better numbers for no gear but you get better numbers with gear?).

      Also, the picture at the top is seriously intense, girl. Congrats on the 950k!

    3. I'm sure Tiger will want to help you out. In the end it's all about skill and not so much about equipment, of course. He gave Chris a Shadow crash course, I hope e still remembers anything of it. :P

      Feel free to poke me if you want to do some stuff together. :)


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