Friday, 8 May 2015

NBI 2015: Call for blogs

This week was the start off of the Newbie Blogger Initiative, the one-month event that has become the pillar of the gamer blogging community. The concept is simple: bloggers that have been around for a while help out new blogs by sharing their knowledge and giving them exposure. So if you have been thinking about starting a blog, or have started one that you think could use a kickstart, now is the time.


So how do you know your blog qualifies? First off, you write about gaming: you don't have to write about gaming only, but it should be one of your topics. What type of game(s), whether it's broad or niche, hardcore or casual, it doesn't matter. You also should have a new or newish blog, or an old blog up for revival. What seems to be the general consensus is that it should be younger than the previous NBI, which was one year ago, or (in case of a dead blog) has been revived since that date.

How to participate

1) Sign up officially
This is so the organizers have your contact info.
2) Post a thread in the Newbie Blogger Check-In
This is important, because this is where all the NBI veterans will find your blog and try to promote and support you. If you post here, I'll add your blog to the prominent NBI 2015 blogroll to the right! If you want to support the NBI as a sponsor instead, you can post here.
3) Follow the Newbie Blogger Initiative on the social platforms you use (e.g. forum, Twitter, Google+, Facebook etc).
4) Participate in NBI events and challenges
How much time and energy you want to put in the NBI is entirely up to you. That said, participating in events is a great way to get to know fellow newbies and old timers, learn how other bloggers battle the same topics and get linked to! A grasp of current events:
  • Izlain's Talkback Challenge (weekly)
  • Next week's challenge is to write a blog post answering the question: Early Access and Kickstarter. Do you support unfinished games? Each week will offer another topic up for conversation.
  • Murphy's Screenshot Safari (weekly)
  • Post max one screenshot of choice per week in one of the following categories: Landscape, High Fantasy, Selfie, Epic Achievement, Heroes or Villains, The Scariest Place. Followed by awards at the end of May.
  • JVT's Poetry Slam (whole month)
    Write a poem on the theme "gold".  Ending with a great link up at the end of May.
  • Jeromai's Geography challenge (whole month)
  • Write your thoughts down on regional locking in MMOs or on meeting people from other cultures in-game.

Advice posts

Traditionally, the NBI has always been a month of sharing thoughts and opinions on blogging via advice posts. Here are three I wrote during previous NBIs for you to start with:

  • Using a pseudonym: the pro's and cons of using a pseudonym vs your real name for blogging.
  • Blog checklist: tips on layout, comments, blogroll and naming your games.
  • In the head of a newbie: what it was like for me to participate in the NBI as a newbie.

  • But I'm late!

    Well, I'm late, too. There was simply not enough time to write and publish this post earlier this week. There's no such thing as being too late to join the NBI, unless you wait until May is over, that is. So better get out there and submit your blog!

    Not writing a newbie blog yourself but like to support new gamer blogs? Feel free to join me in my quest to visit and comment on one blog of the class of 2015 a day.


    1. /looks at NBI blogroll

      Oh wow, it's Aspect of the Hare! I remember that blog from, like... many, many years ago! I'll definitely be keeping an eye on all those updates rolling in.

      1. I didn't know Aspect of the Hare (I guess because it's a WoW thing), but I was very happy to see Chadrassa from In Character blogging again. I love how there's many more SWTOR blogs around than about a year ago. I hope she keeps it up. /Gossip

      2. Someone who remembers me!! Aww, that makes me feel good! I am glad to be a part of NBI and hope to continue updating for a long time to come :D

    2. Hey, I think I'm signing up for this; my blog's been around for a while but dormant ... just now revived and I think I'll qualify.

      1. You definitely qualify and you made me super happy because it means my late post wasn't all in vain. Added you to the Class of 2015 Blogroll and - it's great to have you back!

    3. I have to say you've done a spectacular job of explaining the Initiative and promoting blogs which are signed up. There are some great blogs there. I think they will appreciate how encouraging and welcoming you are.

      1. Thank you, I'm glad it is comprehensible. I remember being so confused when I joined the NBI as a newbie back in 2012! It keeps being exciting to see all these good blogs pop up during the course of the event. Never gets old. /grandma talk


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