Monday, 4 May 2015

May the fourth be with you

It's that day of the year... may the 4th be with you! SWTOR is all about the Star Wars celebration today. Subscribers logging in found a cute little astromech waiting for them in their mail. In addition, they got access to the world boss and the closure of the story on Ziost. And, last but not least, the long-awaited 12x XP buff has become active. It's time to start leveling!

Getting ready

Here are some tips for optimal leveling:
1) activate a minor or major experience boost item;
2) be in a guild with a (preferably maxed out) guild experience boost;
3) the legacy perks from class missions and exploration in the legacy panel do not stack with 12x XP;
4) for characters of level 50+: 
    do the Ilum storyline;
    do the Makeb storyline: both planets will count for 12x XP!.
More tips on levelling with 12x XP can be found here on SWTOR Network.

These will not contribute to the experience gained through class missions as long as 12x XP is active

My plans

I think I'll finish the storyline on Ziost tomorrow, when everything has calmed down a bit and there isn't that much lag. For tonight, I'll start leveling. On the menu:

Mercenary Honeyberry
Conrad reaaaally wants to level up his mercenary (it has something to do with having every advanced class on level 60), and as "the Berries" are our one duo-only set of characters, I'll level mine with him.

Operative Yuniper
Now operative healers aren't overpowered required for certain boss fights anymore, mine has been left behind at level 55. It would be nice to have a second Imperial character on level 60, though, and those five levels shouldn't take all that long.

 Honeyberry with her new astromech

Guardian Ravalyn
I gave up on leveling Ravalyn last time with 12x XP when I heard Riposte was changed to be on the global cooldown. The class felt very sluggish, so I leveled up my shadow instead (and eventually even ended up tanking operations on her). Now riposte is off the global cooldown again, I want to give guardian another chance. I always liked the character and would love to play her more actively - if only to be able to wear all the nice outfits with level requirements!

What character(s) are you going to level up?


  1. Hey Rav,
    Awesome post and guidelines. Currently working my Agent/Sniper up. The class plays exactly like the Smuggler Gunslinger so powering through was no big issue to me. At any rate, there is a back story behind having him leveled through and he just hit LV 57 after starting him out last Thursday. Suffice to say I have a wall of text storyline to complete concerning the Agent and Damios the Smuggler....

    1. He just hit level 57? Oh my, I'm in awe. You definitely will have to write an impressive wall of text if you want to tell the whole agent story in one post. :O

      Good luck!


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