Friday, 29 May 2015

The scariest place... for a hungover Elf

I love how the bear looks over the edge anxiously, as if he already knows what is to come

She has faced a Balrog, Gortheron and Saruman and lived to tell the tale, but this is the scariest place lore-master Ravanel has ever been. She and Bear are on a tiny island in the freezing sea of Forochel. The water is so cold that touching it will result in instant death. There's no safe way off, but that's not why she is in distress.

During her studies of the people of Middle-earth, the curious Ravanel became interested in Halflings. She decided that, if she wanted to get to know the people, it would be the best to blend in, studying them from close by, so to say. Thus she accepted an invitation to join something called the Inn League. They promised her it was perfectly safe, it was just an evening between marry friends: the perfect opportunity to get acquainted. That evening, this annoying tiny hobbit challenged her to a drinking game, laughing at her confused face. Pff. She would show him how an Elf drinks...

...she can't for the life of her remember how she ended up in Forochel.

This is my final contribution to Murf's Screenshot Safari, category "the scariest place", with (finally) a screenshot from Lord of the Rings Online, as promised. For the people that don't play LOTRO: there is a housing item called Inn League Keg that ports you to places you can normally never get to when you drink from it. You can check out what other places Ravanel could have ended up here on the Lotro-wiki.

For the wise lore-master Ravanel, not remembering how she got there, not knowing where "there" actually is, and, most of all, having lost control made this the scariest place she has ever been.

Don't worry, this is not the last we will ever hear of our lore-master. Let's say she let Bear swim to the shore and took a seat on his back. Naturally she made sure to dry him properly afterwards. Makes for a better story than the disappointing truth, which is that she simply mapped out.

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