Friday, 19 June 2015

A force-heavy surprise by mail

While I was busy with diehard blogging about SWTOR's Coffee trailer on my birthday (which was yesterday), someone else was doing some hardcore character drawing I had no idea of. Imagine my surprise when I found this amazing birthday card in the mailbox!

You can't see it on the picture, but the card is huge, larger than a standard A4 paper. This makes it both in content and in dimension the most epic birthday card I've ever gotten.

In addition to the striking image of me at the front, the card features a very realistic representation of Conrad at the inside. You can clearly see that he is focusing on his favourite job: maximizing his DPS.

That was all for today. No silly opinions on gameplay and expansions, just a big thank-you to my dear friends who sent me this brilliant card and made my day.

(PS Wouter, if you read this: I'd love to have the digital versions of your drawings to use on this blog, with your permission.)


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