Saturday, 29 August 2015

Heads up and free speeders

This is a short post stating that I, in fact, am still alive and breathing, although my recent moving abroad to Lund in Sweden has taken a (hopefully temporary) toll on the time and energy I have for this blog. I am working on a post on my adventures, but as I find it hard to write in public about my personal life away from the PC (especially when I feel I have to come up with something that is fun or interesting to read as well) I'm having trouble finishing the post. I'm quite determined to publish it, though, so it will probably be there at some point in time next week. 

Meanwhile, I'd like to introduce you to a new page on my blog, which you may already have discovered on my menu bar: the Freebies page. Here I accumulate all the free stuff I can find in the games I play. If you know of any I missed, I'd love it if you'd send me a message or comment. I'll then add it to the list for everyone to profit from. Oh, and I apologize for the ugly different fonts, but as I don't have my own desktop computer with me I don't have access to Photoshop, which has the correct font.

The code for the San Diego Cantina speeder is nearing its expiration date (9 September, if I did my maths correctly), so if you haven't gotten one yet, you better be quick! You get one by simply clicking on the image above. The Freebies page also gives an overview of the more recent speeders you can still get. The LOTRO Starter Pack keys have been used up by now, so I've removed those from the list.

Game on!


  1. Glad to hear you're still alive! :P Moving definitely takes a toll on creative energy, at least at first. I've never moved to another country, so I can only imagine how blah I would feel about writing while I'm trying to get my s*** together you know? So take your time, though I'm definitely excited to start reading about your adventures abroad:)

    1. You're right: I'm sooo tired all the time, but it's also a lot of fun!

  2. Yay you're alive and well. I thought it unusual that you hadn't posted. Sweden! Aren't you living the life. Enjoy and write soon!


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