Monday, 10 August 2015

Knights of the Fallen Empire (part 4): the newest trailer and story leaks

There's a new trailer for the Coffee expansion, hurray! I'd say it's more of a teaser than a trailer, really, because it's very short. We get to see "the Outlander" (the player character) meeting Valkorion. The 'tease-part' is at the end, when Valkorion offers the Outlander to join his side. Go see for yourself:

The obvious topic of speculation is whether we'll actually get the choice to join Valkorion. I certainly do hope so (although I personally won't make that choice with many of my characters). Some people think that you won't have the option to take on his offer, because that would mean Bioware has to develop two completely different scenarios. Others point out that the developers have mentioned "your choice will matter" so often, that they would be shooting themselves in the leg if it turns out you don't actually get to make such an important choice. We'll have to see.

Marr & Satele

An another note, the appearance of Marr in the trailer apparently has Marr-fanboys and -girls dancing the streets. Marr's alive! I like Marr's character, but I never was that attached to him. I'm more concerned for Satele, who has remained invisible to us thus far. She probably is somewhere at the top of Valkorion's wanted list, so the chances aren't in her favour. Then again, we haven't heard of her death in any of the trailers either. What happens to her is probably something we will have to find out during the KotFE expansion ourselves. Being good storytellers, Bioware's developers are very careful with what they're revealing and what not and this certainly is one of the things they keep hidden to keep us excited.

Character appearances

Shintar of Going Commando has a good observation about the differences in detail between "old characters" and new KotFE characters:
"Valkorion has all these wrinkles on his face! And not just because he's old, the textures are just that much more detailed. You can even see his knuckles in detail! And then you look at that player character with his cartoonishly smooth face, and it just looks extremely odd, like they are not even characters from the same game. That worries me a little, as I can see that kind of thing pulling me out of my immersion while playing."
I hope that we don't get to see these kinds of contradictions that often with the Coffee expansion and that it's just Valkorion and entourage. I'm not a great fan of what he looks like in this trailer altogether. In the first trailer I thought he looked spot-on, but in this one with actual in-game footage, his face looks a bit weird. It reminds me more of a dwarf than a great emperor demanding my respect (no offense, dwarves). Same with Lana Beniko; I always thought there's something odd about her face.

KotFE story leaks

In other news, apparently there was a leak from Bioware: someone got managed to datamine the first chapter of the coffee expansion. The datamined voice acting was put together in a YouTube movie and then presented on Reddit. Back when the first news of the Coffee expansion was leaked (in the form of a page that was unintentionally published on the official website) it fueled a hype; this time the leak, however, is painful for Bioware, who has tied their subscription model to this 'exclusive content.'

I would advice against watching the following movie unless you really don't care about spoilers at all, because it is said they are massive. I know that it reveals how Vitiate and Valkorion are connected (which has been the target of speculation ever since the news of the Coffee expansion was released), and that it tells more about Marr. I don't know more, because at this point I asked the acquaintance that introduced me to the leak to stop talking, because I simply don't want to know everything that happens!

Again, I didn't watch this myself, so this is all at your own risk (warning: not a teaser, as the title says, but 100% spoilers):

Datamined KotFE info by SWTOR Potato (warning: contains massive spoilers!)

Finally, if you're into non-clandestine spoilers, this report on KotFE gameplay that was presented at E3 is something to check out, if you haven't done so yet. Not a leak, but an official sneak preview. It shows what happens when your character wakes up from carbonite. Again, I did not read further than the first couple of lines myself because I like getting surprised.

How are you preparing for the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion: do you follow all the news and spoilers, or do you keep yourself blindfolded?

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  1. You're a braver one than me, mining Reddit for that stuff. And that comes as a guy who was involved with Usenet, the original Internet message boards, for years and years.

  2. Wow, that sounds like one hell of a spoiler... like you, I don't even want to hear it because I want the story to be a surprise.

    I do wish they would give us some more information about the mechanical changes though. Currently it's coming out in weird fits and bursts, like that note on Dulfy that someone at a Q&A apparently said that all the main stats will be rolled into a single "mastery" stat for everyone. I mean... that's a pretty big change and not the kind of thing to drop in a comment on the side (if it is indeed true).

    As for how I'm preparing... that will be my next blog post!

    1. I love that idea: I should definitely making a bucket list for myself. I keep being distracted by other games and whatever pops up, so without one I'll probably never get around to doing the things I should finish (most of which are solo artivities).

      I was surprised with the main stat news as well. Conrad is positive about it, though, and as he usually gets things right (I hope he's not reading this: too good for his ego :P), I'm not too worried.

  3. I actually dug around for my last post about a Theory I had after reading the swtor forums and seeing how everyone was saying those two are one in the same, but yet the wookieepedia even though I know it's probably ran by users like us, said that Vitiate did die after his killing of Ziost and that Valkorion is in another part of the galaxy we never got to explore and took over his planet as the Eternal Empire , and became the Emperor of the Eternal Throne. Here is the link to my theory ,

  4. Blindfolded! xD
    I love surprises and I really enjoy Bioware good stories :)


    1. Me too! I love how everyone here just wants to see the stories for themselves and resist the temptation to see spoilers like these. You guys are all Light Side V! ;)

  5. I've actually followed this expansion less closely than the others due to the massive amounts of data mining. I don't mind the class changes, but revealing story details goes beyond what I want to know. I've had to detach from the community online for a bit but honestly, I'm finding I enjoy the game much more away from the madding crowd.


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