Friday, 8 April 2016

Fashion Friday: a shadow tank's armour

The Female Geek Bloggers want me to name my five guilty pleasures today. I only have one (watching MLG videos), so that wouldn't make a very interesting blog post; instead, I'll provide you with another outfit for Fashion Friday!

This is my shadow, Gaïende, again. Ever since I started my first tanking adventure, my guild has been wanting me on shadow tank for our raids. We somehow always seem to lack tank mains. So when I checked my screenshot folder for fashion pictures, it's no surprise that this was the character I had the most screenies of.

I'm usually not a great fan of raid gear cosmetics. Think about the disastrous oven mitts (which I was showing off proudly when I had completed my first SWTOR raid - cringe) and consular banana headgear. Recently they've improved somewhat, though. I found myself falling in love with the newest consular gear on Gaïende. Although is has no purple, I love the dark green with her skin tone and the overall tankiness of the look. As an exception I went with a robe and not with trousers for the outfit: I usually prefer trousers because it adds mobility, but a robe simply looked better in this case.

The set

Exarch Duelist's Robe MK-4 (commendations or operation drops)
Veda Cloth Gauntlets (synthweaving)
Sky Ridge Force-Lord's Sash (old operation gear)
Defiant Duelist's Lower Robe MK-4 (commendations or operation drops)
Veda Cloth Boots (synthweaving)
Sky Ridge Force Lord's Bracers (old operation gear)

This outfit is a mix of three different armour sets. The most defining pieces are the Exarch Duelist's/Force Healer/Force-Lord's Robe and the Defiant Duelist's/Force Healer/Force-Lord's Lower Robe. You can buy them with data crystals: 120 glowing data crystals for the robe and 120 radiant data crystals for the chest. You can of course also get the drops in respectively storymode and a hardmode operations.

The Sky Ridge gear used to drop in The Ravagers and Temple of Sacrifice raids back in the pre-KOTFE days. Now the level cap and rating on gear has increased they don't drop anymore. A synthweaver might be able to still craft them, if they have learned the schematic from a raid drop - check the GTN for it. The pieces aren't very important for this outfit, though. I picked the Sky Ridge Force-Lord's Sash mainly because it has a gold accent that fits with the gloves and shoulder parts, but other gold sashes will work just as well.

What I like about this outfit is that it's light armour but still looks quite tanky with the metal parts: perfect for the light-armoured shadow class. I also love how the cloak gives it a bit of a super hero vibe. With this look, you should even be able to face this Terror From Beyond - trust me, I did!

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  1. If you don't mind a bit of a necro;

    Sky Ridge gear, you get most of a set of from doing the SoR storyline (on Rishi), and it's visually identical to the Raider's Cove gear set, which you get all of from Rishi.


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