Friday, 1 April 2016

Fashion Friday: a sporty togruta

When I was queueing for baby lowbie PvP with Shintar and Traitine some weeks ago, I found out I had not unlocked my ship on my level 29 togruta sage Ashrava. Bad Rav! Off to Coruscant I went, to find my ship and, hopefully, many pretty screenshot opportunities for my newest SWTOR character.

I had created Ashrava somewhere at the end of 2015 because I had run out of characters in the lowest Republic PvP bracket (level 10 - 40) and because I didn't have a togruta yet. Those that participated in my holiday card swap may recognize her as the togruta I drew on the card. It is indeed the same character - well spotted!

This was the card (to the right), featuring Ashrava with her BB-8 companion. Hey, a girl can dream!

Although Ashrava's outfit isn't anything like last week's creative mix of armour pieces, I want to show it anyway because it makes me so happy with this character. The colour match between the clothes and the montrals and the perfect fit of the back montral in the hood give me a huge amount of satisfaction (call me crazy, but hey, whatever keeps me off the streets). She of course wears a lightsabre with a fitting orange crystal.

I imagine my character as a young, naive and hyper padawan. With all the running around the council lets her do - fetch noetikon here, fetch noetikon there - I reckon she won't feel cold in this outfit, even though I'd normally envision it being worn by jedi knights. I also wanted to show some skin because I love skins with pretty colours, but I didn't want to go down the underboob road. I have nothing against looking a bit sexy, but it doesn't have to become tasteless.

The set

Ambitious Warrior Chestguard (cartel market, adaptive)
Ambitious Warrior Handwraps (cartel market, adaptive)
Bastila Shan's Belt (cartel market, adaptive) (unify colours)
Ambitious Warrior Pants (cartel market, adaptive)
Ambitious Warrior Wristguards (cartel market, adaptive)
Covert Feet Energy Armor (cartel market, adaptive)

The upside of this set is that it's easy to use regardless of level, class or faction. The downside is that, although it was initially quite cheap on the GTN (I think I spent a few hundred thousand on the whole thing), it is probably quite expensive with today's crazy fashion prices. Luckily, the original pieces it was inspired by are still available to Republic classes, and with the ♥ outfit designer ♥ it doesn't matter anymore that they are unmoddable. I'll link to them later in this post.


Bastila Shan's Belt is the odd piece in this outfit. I chose it because the Ambitious Warrior Belt honestly looks as if it doesn't belong in the set (weird buttons and of metal?!) and I wanted to go with something leathery to fit the handwraps, wristguards and hood. Use unify colours for a slightly shinier button and little grey satchels (picture below). The Bastila Shan set is pretty expensive as well, and I only went for it because I could easily get it through legacy unlocking. Any leather belt will do, although - surprisingly - there aren't that many in the game!

While PvPing, Shintar noticed my bare feet and thought I'd forgotten to put my shoes on. This is not the case! When I created the character I researched a bit and found out that the togruta are a very spiritual race. They prefer to walk barefoot to feel connected to the earth. And while some togruta have chosen to desert the old ways (I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of "city togruta" wear shoes), I just knew I had to go barefoot for my jedi sage. Because, well, sage. It made perfect sense for the character.

If you don't like bare feet, there are some sandal-like options available as well. For this particular outfit, I considered cloth strap footwear such as the Tattered Ritualist’s Boots, Tattered Mystic’s Boots (both from recovered relics, Tython & Korriban flashpoints), Battlemaster Force Mystic’s Boots and Battlemaster Stalker’s Boots (both synthweaving, extinct PvP gear).

There are other sandal-like shoes, but they didn't it the outfit well. Swtorista names them all in an article about Lore-appropriate footwear for SWTOR togruta.

Now for the substitute Ambitious Warrior pieces. For this we will have to look for equipment armor for which the cosmetic only shows when worn by Republic characters - sorry Imps! Imperial characters and light armour classes will have to go for the Ambitious Warrior set if they want this look.

Firstly, there's the nostalgia Temple Watchman’s Vest (medium armor, L8, basic commendations), the first piece of commendation gear that you can buy when you play a jedi knight. You can get it at a specialty goods or equipment vendor on Tython. Another option is the Aspiring Knight set (medium armor, L15, synthweaving). Finally, there's the Cyrene Aegis and the Shadowsilk Aegis crafted sets (medium armor, L10, synthweaving): these have a slightly different colour scheme with brown and pink. However, preview these pieces before you craft and buy them, because they are known to change colour depending on skin tone (also poetically referred to as "chameleon armour") and may look different on your character than expected.

So after a long and tiring day of photo shooting (and oh yeah, punishing some baddies and saving her master on the way), Ashrava finally got what she deserved: her own ship to fly away with! And I also got what I wanted: only to level 30, so there are many more baby lowbie warzones to be played.


  1. Haha fun! Thanks for sharing your screens from SW! Love the armor set!

    1. Yay, great that you like the outfit. I can spend way too much time on something so pointless, but it's just so much fun! :D

  2. After we had that conversation I actually spent the downtime between matches browsing the GTN for sandals, haha! They all looked really odd with the rest of my smuggler's outfit though, so I eventually decided that she probably liked wearing shoes to be taken more seriously in the underworld. Or something.

    1. I can totally see how the sandals wouldn't work for your smuggler: they look best on force users, honestly. It also doesn't make much sense to be barefoot when you spend a lot of time in dark alleys with glass and whatnot on the ground. Not to mention the need to run a lot for your profession! Spirituality and being smuggler seems an odd combination to me anyway, so going with a togruta that's more adapted to modern life and intergalactic custom makes perfect sense.

  3. I can see why Togruta who live on city planets, like Coruscant or Nar Shaddaa, and on ships would go ahead and wear shoes. With all that stone and metal, it would be hard to feel connected with the earth, regardless of your footwear or lack thereof.

    1. I had already written the response to Shintar when I saw yours. I can only agree. Hard to connect to the soil when standing on a skyscraper!

      The first togruta to enter a city planet must've found so lost.

  4. Ahsoka Tano!!!

    (Sorry, it had to be said.)

    1. Haha, I wasn't going for Ahsoka intentionally, but you're right, she does look a bit like her! I fiddled around with all the fancy colour combinations of montrals + skin, but in the end only two combinations resonated "togruta" with me: this one and the same with a red skin - but I thought that one looked a bit too much like master Kiwiiks!

  5. Why is she tied up in that one photo?


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