Friday, 2 September 2016

Fashion Friday: evil sith inquisitor

Today I'm sharing an outfit with you that, for a change, doesn't cost a billion credits on the galactic trade network by now and is relatively easy to get (provided you have a high level character) - but it still looks really awesome! And you don't have to take my word for it: just before posting this, I saw @Chitonfya post a screenie of their character with a similar dye on Twitter. What can I say, great minds...

The pretty girl with the emo make-up is my new Dark vs Light character Ravadis, a dark side assassin. She has been on my wishlist for a long time, because the female inquisitor's voice is just perfect for evil characters, but somehow all the inquisitors I made previously looked too cute to play pure dark side. Guess what? I'm loving it. Luckily I'm duoing with Marinka, so I have a shoulder to cry on when I feel bad about Ravadis' actions. We're such saints. But I should stop rambling, you want to know what the set pieces are already!

The set

Hallowed Gothic Vestments (adaptive legacy armour, dark red and black dye)
Hallowed Gothic Gloves (adaptive legacy armour, unify colours)
Hallowed Gothic Sash (adaptive legacy armour, unify colours)
Hallowed Gothic Lower Robes (adaptive legacy armour, unify colours)
Hallowed Gothic Boots (adaptive legacy armour, unify colours)
Hallowed Gothic Bracers (adaptive legacy armour, unify colours)

I would advice a red or yellow lightsaber crystal to go with this outfit; Ravadis, being a traditional evil sith, went with red.

The Hallowed Gothic set is originally black with blue, which also looks really good, but for Ravadis the dark red and black dye added just that little extra, corresponding with her jewellery, make-up and hair.

So where do I get this set, you say? Well, that's the best part: you can simply buy it for some credits at the reputation vendor on Oricon. Because it is legacy gear, you can even send it over to a poor or lower level alt. You do need champion standing in order to buy it, which you'll get by doing dailies. Luckily the Oricon dailies are lucrative and you'll be swimming in credits by the time you're done.

The collage above shows some less visually appealing poses, but I included them anyway for revealing the back and the side of this outfit; something that is often overlooked. After all, the back of your character is the side you'll be looking at most!

There are a lot of outfits available to evil sith and most of them involve naked body parts, ragged cloth or pins and thorns sticking out of random places. I'm not such a fan of these, so I wanted to go for a more civilised feel, inspired by the inquisitor's master, lord Zash. She is actually one of my favourite inquisitor story characters: Zash is attractive, her main assets definitely being her cunning and honey-dripping voice, yet at the same time she radiates power; you constantly get the feeling you don't want to find yourself on her bad side. In a way, this outfit is a tribute to Zash. I tried to express Ravadis' sith side with her stern look and expressive sith style make-up.

Did you get inspired by in-game story characters for your (sith) toons?


  1. To me this is like how true evil looks like: elegant, attractive and above any suspicions. Then they go and do something imaginably horrible to you when you least expect.

    So, yeah, even if I don't play SWTOR this character of yours (and the description of lord Zash) certainly made me inspired to imagine some evil characters. :)

    Well, that and finally watching Stranger Things. There is a character there in the bad guy's camp that really made me wish to punch him.

    1. You just effectively predicted the end of chapter I for sith inquisitors without even having played the game! ;)

      I keep hearing people mention Stranger Things, and that's usually a good thing. Is it any good? I'm currently watching Farscape. We've gotten to the final season, though, so at some point I'll have to find another series to watch. O:)

    2. It is a Netflix original series, so if you have Netflix, then yes, definitely watch it. It is 8 episodes total. If I were to describe it in one phrase it would be "It is a mix of The Goonies, X-Files and a Stephen King novel".

      Longer description, I guess it would be, trying to avoid spoiler: "In the early 80ies, in a small USA town a boy goes missing. When his friends try to search for him they find a strange girl in the forest. The two events are somehow related."

      Well, there is probably a better description somewhere else. But this is the best I can think of without spoiling things.

    3. Hmm. I haven't seen the X-Files and I have no idea who The Goonies are. I am not a great fan of horror movies, though (although I did read some Stephen King novels, because he's a great writer). I don't mind some thrills, but pure horror just makes me feel stressed and awful.

      So what I guess I'm asking is: is Stranger Things really scary and horror-like (aka will I loose sleep over it), or is it just an element?

    4. It is just an element. Most of it is just trying to figure out what is going on then jumping scares or anything really scary.

      And in that case, I also recommend you watch The Goonies. It is a classic from the 80ies. If I remember it (and I barely do) the premise is that in an USA town they are having a bit of a economic problem and some people are having to sell their houses to some big real estate company. Some kids however don't like the idea much and they hear about this old pirate treasure legend. So they decide to go and find it so their parents don't have to sell their houses and they don't have to go move away from each other. The premise sounds silly (and the movie is a bit silly) but it is a pretty grand adventure movie, full of heart.

      X-Files is pretty good too and I'd recommend it even though I'd only watch an episode here and there whenever there was an episode on TV. If you like buddy cops shows and stories about government conspiracy/supernatural stuff then it is good.

    5. And I keep forgetting to mention it, but Sith and doing horrible things is pretty easy to predict. It is like saying the moon comes after the sun goes down. :p

    6. The Goonies sounds like a cute movie, I've added it to my To Watch list (yes I have that. I would totally lose track of recommendations if I hadn't, since I'm usually already watching a series and it'll take a bit before I get around to actually watching something new).

      The X-Files are already on my To Watch list: I'm a fan of Patrick Stewart and from what I hear he plays a really cool role. Conspiracy & supernatural stuff isn't really my cuppa tea, though, so it can go both ways, really. No idea whether I'll like it or not.

  2. Like look of your toon and that outfit.

    I tend to play light characters but do find that their characters inspire their dress. I try to go for practical with a touch of style (and the odd touch of bling), So my new Dark v Light Imp Operative Tahtain, wears darker colours with subtle patterns and boots with knives in them. Bit mix and match than uniform outfit. But she goes casual with a bit of naked flesh when relaxing in her stronghold off-duty.

    1. Thanks, Roland! It's a lot of fun to design the looks of toons with their character in mind. I have different outfits for different situations as well. And those boots with knives in them are just perfect for operatives. :)

  3. It's Zaire! Only with more clothing!

    1. "I hope you got blisters all over your pale Sithy feet."

    2. I know pop culture references aren't as fun if you need to explain them, but... who is Zaire? I have no clue!

    3. She's the Sith the Smuggler meets on Tatooine. And in the climactic scene for the class story there, the Smuggler gets the chance to repudiate her and he/she says that line.

    4. It's actually Zare, as in Vaverone Zare. The extra "i" crept in for me for some reason.

    5. Oh, that rings a bell. I remember doing that a while ago - it must've been on my scoundrel - I thought: hey, that NPC looks almost like the character I want to make! I have characters in my mind for months, even years before I actually get around to doing it.


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