Friday, 14 April 2017

Fashion Friday: Egg hunter's outfit

It's Easter this weekend, and I'm already looking forward to our egg hunt. Okay, okay, I'm grown up... but what's wrong with some fun? I've been looking for eggs with my family since I was old enough to identify one, so it's a nostalgia thing for me. Also, if I'd be a hobbit I'd still be a tween, so... totally legit.

This is my burglar, Ravil. She is my only true roleplay character. I don't roleplay much - I created her in 2010 or so and she's still level 25, so you can probably tell. But this weekend I'm totally in the Easter mood. Lord of the Rings Online doesn't have an Easter festival or something of the sorts, but I do love creating outfits. So that's how the egg hunter's outfit was born.

Looking for eggs is fun, but it does make a hobbit hungry. That's why we need some help in the form of a loyal dog with a good nose. Faroth is helping Ravil find those extra hard eggs that you'd otherwise find in the winter three years later or so. Can't leave any eggs behind to rot!


Ravil to the right is ready for some egg hunting! She is wearing the following:


I always wanted an outfit that would include the Cloak of the Cluck, but never found a good colour match. The eggs in the egg basket have pretty much all colours, though, so for this one it was most important that it was colourful. I usually don't like sea blue as much because it can really hurt your eyes, but I think it works quite well on the Ancient Master's Robe. I also love that there are daisies on the basket and in her hair. And the Padded Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer looks as if it is part of the cloak dyed gold.


If you don't have the patience to make it through all chicken session play quests (required for the Cloak of the Cluck), you can play Hobnanigans instead and acquire the Blue Chicken Cloak. This cloak looks similar, but is dyed bright blue. But the cool thing about the Cloak of the Cluck is that it makes your character do an animation when clicked (top picture).

The Padded Mantle of the Dunland Soothsayer is a great piece to go with cloaks, because it camouflages the 'shoulder flaps' cloaks have in LOTRO (I'm not a fan) and it looks as if it fastens the cloak, as you would in reality. There are multiple shoulder pieces with this cosmetic from the Dunland area (follow the link to the Lotro-wiki to find out about some alternatives).

The dog Faroth is acquired through a quest of the latest update (update 20, The Black Gate). Note that the tome that grants the skill to summon him is not bound on acquire: you can send it over to a low level alt. You might also be able to find Faroth on the auction house (the poor thing).

If you're not into dogs, a chicken pet would also fit this outfit well. You can win or barter for various chicken pets during the Hobnanigans event.

But really, how can you not be into Faroth? Who's a good boy...

I hope you guys will have a great Easter weekend!


  1. Now that's ironic that they would have a model of a Bloodhound in their game. My holidays are usually quiet now which Blade and I prefer, I'll call and talk with my parents, but just us for Easter. I love dogs, so yeah it was easy for me to spot the breed. Excellent read, Your adventures in the games are always a pleasure to read.

    1. In the questline that rewards with Faroth, he sniffs up various things (such as hidden orc sentries) while you scout in the land near the Gate of Mordor. So it's actually kind of fitting! :)

  2. Oh Ravil is very cute, when I was young I had a special easter dress :). I used to search with it also searched for eggs, with exactly the same kind of basket <3 My father can hide easter eggs really well :).

    But I am looking forward to hunt easter eggs together with you :).

    1. The egg hunt today was so much fun! It sounds like you were super cute as a little girl with your easter dress and basket. :)

  3. Love the outfit. It all goes very well together, including the colors. :)

  4. Great outfit!

    Also, more games should have dogs as Faroth. Actually, all games should have dogs as companions!

    Hope you have a great easter! :)

    1. Yes, I love Faroth! Before him, LOTRO only had one dog pet I knew of (a lore-master cosmetic one): it looked really ugly (base game design of 10 years ago), so I never really used it. This one was added this year and you can really tell because it looks so better (higher res texture).

      Hope you had a great easter, too, if you celebrate. :)


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