Tuesday, 10 April 2012

LOTRO: Traveling by starry night

Latest outfit 

The lore-master looks afar in the distance, thinking of the many travels that lie ahead. She doesn't have to worry: her furry robe will keep her warm in the cold mountain climate. She especially enjoys traveling under the cover of night, her cloak blending with the starry sky.

It is an old armour set by now, but what's wrong with some nostalgia? The Ost Dunhoth set still looks beautiful and provides a nice break from all those people running around with their Tower of Orthanc sets. Besides, it apparently makes you look like a "nice lore-master". A few days ago, I showed a curious befriended hunter some of the lore-master sets. The Draigoch and Tower of Orthanc set resulted in dreading cries: "waah, you look like an evil lore-master!" The Ost Dunoth set, on the other hand, apparently made me look like a nice lore-master. And who doesn't want to look nice?

I enjoy this set the most when traveling under a dark blue starry sky. It looks gorgeous with the pretty blue of the clothes! The whole set cries "lore-master" to me. The simple brown fabric and feathers give it its down to earth nature look, while it at the same time looks fancy because of the classy dark blue. This is what the lore-master is for me: connected to the earth, but radiating style.

I have not been enjoying this look for that long. In the days of Ost Dunhoth, I always passed on the robe for kinnies who could use it. The other five pieces had better stats for lore-masters and I didn't want to steal it just for cosmetics. It was only when we did an Ost Dunhoth six-man rushthrough in the early Draigoch days that I finally could take it. Since then, I've been very lucky to find a cloak and a horse that suited the robe. The Prized Dunlending Steed somehow looks great with it, even though it has totally different colours (picture to the left). It might have something to do with the fancy look and the metallic reflecting decorations. Whatever it is, it makes me feel happy when riding through the fields on its back. I also found a cloak that came with the Dunland update that fits perfectly. The good news is that it is easy to achieve through drops, barter and quest rewards. It has the exact same colour as the robe and has a mountain decoration that fits well with the traveling theme. Below a picture of my lore-master wearing it on one of her travels, waiting for the sun to rise.

    Outfit of the Starry Night         

The pieces of the Memory of the West set can be gained by defeating bosses and winning a piece-specific token in Ost Dunhoth. They can only be won by a lore-master.

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