Thursday, 12 April 2012

ME 1: Plants plus zombies

It was time to play my oh so cool shooter girl again. With the roaches of last time in mind, I was looking forward to seeing what they invented to scare me away now. I was sent to the planet Feros, which was being attacked by the Geth. At first everything looked alright. There was an ancient giant plant just under most of the planet's surface. I like plants. I also like ancient. The only drawback of this one was that it had the ability to control the minds of people, using them to perform tasks for it when needed. That was not really nice of it, but on the other hand, it had already been there for millions of years and we were colonizing its planet. The second problem was that this plant apparently saw me as a threat and felt it was necessary to send hordes of zombies after me. Yes, zombies. After we all learned that plants work versus zombies, the next step in evolution apparently is zombie-spitting plants.

To be entirely honest, I much preferred the roaches. I don't really like shooting human shaped lifeforms, I couldn't laugh at my boyfriend being scared by them (as he wasn't) and they splat out green stuff all around you when killed. Just gross. On top of that, there were also really freaky dogs with a fishlike skin. *shudder* I just let my boyfriend kill everything and went on to other planets to do my companions' personal quests as soon as possible.

The only thing that bothered me was that we had to kill that plant. The thing to the right is the plant, by the way. I do understand it is sort of evil to infiltrate the minds of people and let them do chores for you, but technically speaking we were the invaders. You'd also hope that even a plant would develop some sort of intelligence after a billion years and would understand it's not very smart to just stupidly attack someone. In the end I was left no choice but to kill all that ancient wisdom, though. I was able to gather information from it about the Protheans just before, but still feel it's a shame.

Letting roaches go, feeling sorry for killing evil plants... I'm starting to doubt that this game has a positive effect on me.

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