Sunday, 29 April 2012

LOTRO: A week's raiding worth a fortune

Last week's raiding was lovely. First we defeated Lightning T2 and I won a First Age symbol! I've won some before, but passed them over to DPS classes (as they profit far more from it than a lore-master). Now almost everyone in my kin has one, and the captain I offered it to refused to take it. I'm secretly really happy with it! I made a staff and it finally got the four majors it needed - a personal record since Mirkwood-times. It was also really nice to clear up a lot of vault space by getting rid of all those iXP runes rotting there. I also found out that the First Age staff looks much better than the Second Age staff cosmetically spoken. Or is that just me being blinded by my happiness?

The next day we did Fire & Ice T2, Acid T1 and some Shadow T2 tries, all in one night. My kin has completed Shadow T2 before, but I had never seen the fight myself, as I could not raid at that time due to internet connection issues. I was really happy to be able to see it now, although it was getting late, our group setup was not ideal and I found the fight pretty chaotic for a lore-master. It still was great fun, and I'm sure our next try this week will be more productive.

I also found a sudden love for the dragon raid, since he now drops a treasure of around 60 seals. I'm not sure if this is working as intended, but I'm not complaining, as it's a good reward for a pretty long and tedious fight. And besides, it's a dragon, so it's supposed to reward with a part of his fortune, right? I think I got quite my share of fortune this week. With the seals of this week's Tower of Orthanc plus the dragon, I had gathered enough to buy my last two pieces from the rune-keeper Tower of Orthanc healing set, hurray! Minor setback was that I found out that I still need to complete the lightning boss on my rune-keeper to be able to buy the helm, but at least I was able to buy the chest piece. Doesn't Ravalinde look gorgeously gothic in her new robe? It's almost as beautiful as the lore-master robe, or perhaps it is. Both those robes are of a cosmetically great design.


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