Friday, 6 April 2012

LOTRO: Raiding rabbits

Last week's raiding

The past week was a nice week in terms of raiding. We did some Acid T2 bashing on Tuesday, and it was a lot better than last time. This time we got through the trash in a controlled way and had plenty of time to experiment on the boss. Hopefully we can keep this up so we can focus on the boss only from now on. On Wednesday Saruman was took down (T1), but I was not in the group. Yesterday night we did Lightning and Fire & Ice T2. We've given up on the Fire & Ice challenge now, since the whole LotRO community agrees that it is actually impossible to achieve ("Even the Germans didn't do it!"). We got two first age symbols to drop, and my boyfriend finally won one - I think he was the last of the DPS-classes in my kin to get it. He actually rolled something like "3" again, but the captain who won one gave it to him. I'm happy I'm in a kin with such nice members!

Easter weekend

It's Easter weekend, and I'm going away for a few days. You'll have to miss my posts, but I thought of something to do in the meanwhile. In the Netherlands, there's a tradition to look for Easter eggs in your garden that are hidden by "the Easter bunny". In the Lord of the Rings Online, the Easter eggs are the bunnies themselves. There are several bunnies hidden throughout Middle-earth. After I read about this in a thread on the official forums, I spent yesterday evening in between the raids looking for them. It was really cool to actually find them all. LotRO's bunnies have something ominous though...

Middle-earth's Most Wanted

1) The killer rabbit
Region: Enedwaith
This rabbit hops around in a strangely familiar cave filled with bones and bloodstains. You don't want to think about what's been going on here...

Hint 1: Southwest

Hint 2: Ost Dunhoth

2) The bear flattener
Region: The Great River
The remains of this bear are flattened, as if something violent has hopped over it with great force...

Hint 1: The Wailing Hills

Hint 2: Island

3) Hidden Burrow dictator
Region: The Great River
Looks like the killer rabbit found a place to breed...

Hint 1: The Wailing Hills

Hint 2: Cave

I can of course do no else than to end with the one and only. Enjoy!

Locations (spoiler!)

1) the killer rabbit: 73.9S, 20.3W
2) the bear flattener: 29.0S, 70.5W
3) hidden burrow dictator: 27.5S, 64.6W

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For the conclusion of my rabbit-related adventures, check LOTRO: Moar rabbits!

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