Tuesday, 17 April 2012

LOTRO: Five-year anniversary

My favorite online game is already five years old! I still remember my excitement when I first heard it was going to be released. I was at a Fantasy event and was allowed to try out the elf intro in Ered Luin (of which I did not understand a thing!) and got a voucher with a Founders code. Being a huge Tolkien-fan, I just knew I had to get this game. Freely walking around in Middle-earth just sounded too good to miss. There was one small problem though: I had no computer that could run Windows.

Thus it was that it took a while for me to get to play my first MMO. After a few months, I made a friend install the game on his computer so I could sporadically play when I was there. I bought a lifetime subscription right away since I just knew I wanted to play it for longer than 1,5 years. In 2008 I finally got my own computer that could run Windows (I sort of bought it for this particular game!) and that's when my adventure into Middle-earth really started. How did yours start? It would be fun to know!

When I logged in today, I was happy to find several anniversary giftboxes in my character's inventories. There is one box for each year. Note that the three-year giftboxes are currently bugged (lockbox keys really seem to haunt Turbine!), but will be bestowed later this week. It is a shame that my former computer problems make me miss out on the five-year giftbox, which apparently contains a gorgeous steed. As Lothirieth pointed out, I'm already really lucky to have gotten the four-year giftbox, as there is no other way to acquire the stuff that's in the boxes. I guess we all have to hope they keep giving these boxes each year. On a positive note, there are nice things for everyone to get by collecting anniversary tokens. I just hope the grind is not as horrible as it was for last year's whipped cream cake horsething.

The most stuff from the giftboxes was crap, but I did really like the cosmetic items from the four-year giftbox. It contained:
I'm usually not much of a fan of tunics for female characters, but I do think this one actually looks nice (and also will on a male character). The dress is a real princes-like one and the cloak fits both very well. A huge improvement compared to last years anniversary outfits!

The 5-year anniversary festival ends at April 30th.


  1. It's not possible to get any of the Azure stuff unless you've subbed long enough... and I happen to have the opposite opinion as you. :P I think it's a shame they've locked so many people out. Not having any way of obtaining a pretty dress or horse has made this pretty meh for me. :/

    1. Thanks for the correction, I'll update it in the post. The guys I talked to probably were confused with the fireworks horse. I guess I should check things out myself and not post any rumours, hehe.

      Note that I wrote "almost", my feelings are pretty divided on this one. I guess our only hope is that they will keep on giving the boxes next year. I do think it's really mean though that the first three boxes give such worthless rewards. I mean, three years of sub should at least give a fitting tiara, right? How long have you been playing?


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