Sunday, 22 April 2012

LOTRO: Saruman contemplations

Why is it so hard to take a good Saruman screenshot? There's always someone jumping in front of your screen, red damage numbers above a Saruman, tanks running away from clouds and after that the squishies running away because there have been brought Sarumans close to them... On top of that I can't put my settings on high because my computer dies from the special effects in the second phase.

Ah well, I should not complain. It's already hard enough to complete the fight without all sorts of silly things (of which you in most cases can't do much about) going wrong. Here's my top five:
  1. Ring-bearers getting blown off the tower and not being able to get back inside, thereby making it impossible to complete the fight (luckily they've fixed this now by letting those rings spawn after that phase)
  2. The interface thing of newly spawned rings getting stuck behind people's raid panel so they're not in time to use it - preferably at the last transition after fighting ten Sarumans without having any rezzes left, just before the end of the fight
  3. Blade of Elendil. I don't have to say anything more, the lore-masters among us know what I'm talking about
  4. Any ring-bearer DC'ing, making you to stretch the current phase while only being able to hope that they will return
  5. Specifically a tank DC'ing for ten minutes in the phase before the ten Sarumans phase, causing someone to run around in circles kiting the remaining Sarumans - preferably with the whole raid on follow on the tank while blasting "Benny Hill" over vent (as depicted)
Mind you, no. 2 to 5 actually happened to us within the last two weeks! Don't get me wrong, I do like this fight - it's a great design overall. It can just be really unforgiving for unforeseen events such as DCs. I don't even want to think about the amount of concentration and luck needed for the tier 2 fight. My advice: whatever happens, Benny Hill is a good remedy for all!


  1. T2 was a nightmare last time I saw it. We got through the first two phases, then phase 3 hit and we were pwned pretty fast. :P

    I'm really glad they make the rings respawn now though. Nothing worse than in the last phase a ringbearer not pay attention and getting themselved booted over the side... meaning you can't finish the fight.

    1. Totally agree with you there, T2 is so hard. We had the same experience. And even if you'd make it through all the phases... you have to do it all in half an hour?! Oh my...

      I still remember the first time when we found that out about the ringbearers being blown off the towers... it was me! Never felt that stupid (it did do the trick though, never been blown off anymore since then :P). So I share your relief: so happy they changed that!

  2. Do explain the Blade of Elendil bit please ;) As my LM is still 67 so... :P

    1. Well, you know the buff that Blade of Elendil applies to everyone, right? Imagine using a crowd-control strategy with changing targets at some point, and you see the problem. :)


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