Sunday, 15 April 2012

Yoda the... squirrel?

Today's entry is going to be a bit off-topic (meaning, it is not game related), but will still be fun for the Star Wars fans. I have been watching some episodes of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series (2008) lately, and was surprised in the first one by the nimbleness of Yoda, depicted above. (This picture for a change has not been created by me, it's picked from the internet somewhere and looks similar to the Yoda of this series.) His fighting was hilarious and reminded me of a certain furry tree-animal. Watch an excerpt of the episode below and you'll understand what I mean!

Yoda fun starting at 0:43.

You can imagine how surprised I was when I found on the all knowing source of wisdom called the internet that my suspicions were true all along. Without any doubt, Yoda has been trained by jedi squirrel elite forces!

Isn't that just brilliant?


  1. So Yoda's master was a squirrel! (Not quite sure about that :P)

    1. I think the fighting technique similarities speak for themselves. However, I will leave this issue up to the experts. ;)


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