Wednesday, 11 April 2012

SWTOR: Companion roulette

We're done with Hoth! I finally caught the big bad guy with the overrated armour (picture above) and could return to the continuation of "Wie is... de Mol?" where I shortly spoke of in my last SWTOR blog entry. It was the final episode, so to say, as I think I found out who it was! I met up with all the ambassadors on my ship and they seemed generally more in favour of the Republic as before, which is good. I did chase half the surface of that horrible cold blue planet after some guy for them, after all.

The Republican guy that has been ordering me around on Hoth (picture to the right) sniffed an opportunity to get off the planet as well and asked to join my party. Can't really say I blame him. I hope he likes my ship though, because I'm probably not going to take him out that much. No offence to my token black guy, but he just doesn't have much personality. I know he is in service of the Republic, that his name is lieutenant Iresso, and he seems friendly, but that's about it. 

I enjoy my current companion Tharan Cedrax (picture below) much more. He's this crazy gadget scientist guy that also is very lazy and vain. He carries his personal hologram, the pink girl Holiday, with him wherever he goes. Their relationship is... interesting, to say the least. I think they did a great job on designing his character: the silly quotes of this big kid keep entertaining me.

"Holiday, were you watching?" (proudly) - upon defeating an enemy

"Did I mention I'm a pacifist?" - upon entering combat

As his codex entry describes him:
Likes: aiding scientists and beautiful women, getting something for nothing
Dislikes: mystical Jedi nonsense, destroying science, heroism that involves danger

Tharan is a huge coward, sometimes resulting in hilarious topic commentary. I usually even answer him in real life when he says something like "Did I mention I'm a pacifist?" ("Well, actually... yes you did. Like a hundred times or so"). Luckily my boyfriend doesn't think this is weird in any way. He has had enough time to get used to the idea that I'm plain crazy.

I've been running around with Tharan for about 20 levels now though, and I'm secretly hoping to get another interesting companion (not telling him about this, of course!). I don't like spoilers and didn't read anything of her wiki page, but I really, really hope I'll get Nadia Grell (picture to the right) as a companion. She is the daughter of the leading ambassador and probably has the most brains of them all. She was the one that found the tracking device a spy put on my ship, and it was also her who just now found out that someone sent a hidden com signal to the Empire.  Together we traced it back to the stuttering ambassador who left a few days ago on a diplomatic mission. My next mission will be to follow him to find out what he's up to. 

Another interesting fact about Nadia is that she can control some force powers. She never joined the order though, and I suspect her father was behind that, not wanting her to leave. Wouldn't it be great if I could persuade her to join me and learn more about the force? I'd have my own padawan! I'm sure Tharan would understand. After all, he still has his Holiday... 

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