Tuesday, 3 April 2012

SWTOR: Everything blue

There's not that much to tell this time. Me and my boyfriend tried to get to level 40 in SWTOR, but failed. We're almost there though! We're currently questing on Hoth, a planet that sort of depresses me. Everything is white and blue and it drives me crazy. Perhaps I'm just spoiled by the surroundings of LotRO's equivalent Forochel, which I artistically like. Or it's just that that blue shade doesn't fit well with my dark green and orange robe which freaks out the fashion girl within.

Not everything on Hoth is that boring. There are a lot of plants to pick and they are notably large for a frosty climate. They're also classified as "bacterial strains" even though they're like larger than a football. Oh joy of strange miraculous planets where everything is possible (big *facepalm* here, BioWare). There's also these funny animals (picture below) that somehow manage to look cute and ugly at the same time. I wish we were allowed to ride them, just like Luke Skywalker.

For the rest I'm mainly hoping to get off this rock. My class quest is a bit boring: I'm chasing after a man in armour that has the ability to heal him, and that's it. I'm wondering what's going on on my ship, where several delegates are stationed. I need to persuade them not to split from the Republic, and freeing Hoth is part of that. I know there is at least one Imperial spy among them, but I don't know who it is. It's like the Dutch TV program Wie is... de Mol? but Star Wars-style. There's also this force sensitive girl with a fun personality that I hope to persuade to join the jedi order. You can see that my  mind is more with my ship than with this cold, frozen planet. Hopefully we'll get our new speeders soon and will be able to get off it even faster.

<-- A tauntaun giving me an indifferent stare. No riding for me today.

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