Monday, 30 September 2013

SWTOR: The Corellia run

I got this shot when I was hunting for datacrons with Tiger's slinger Lyell. Somehow I really like it. My twi'lek is just walking away on this strange tilted platform, but seems to hesitate when good-looking Lyell comes running towards her from the opposite side. "Wait!"

There's this tension as if a story is just about to unfold. Or probably that's just my overactive imagination.


  1. I like the screenshot too. There is just something about the angle of that platform that gives it a bit of a surreal feel, I guess. :)

    Although I'd imagine it more as Lyell running away from some disaster (it looks like there is a small fire in one of the buildings on a quick glance) and you twi'lek is just calmly walking into danger. Or vice-versa. Maybe your twi'lek just detonated something big off-screen and Lyell was in the area, heard the explosion and is running there to see what happened. So many possibilities!

    ~ Rakuno

  2. You managed to capture it with words way better than I, as usual! Those are great suggestions. I love it when pictures look dramatic while there isn't actually anything happening. It makes you wonder.


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