Friday, 13 September 2013

Pokémon: Lapras

Recommended listening: Surf theme.

I admit that this isn't my best drawing and I made it rather quickly, but nevertheless, my newest water pokémon issssss... Lapras!

I have a terrible problem with water pokémon. There are simply too many nice ones of them, so I never manage to pick one. I usually level one up, evolve it, then switch it for another one I like etc. This counts for grass type pokémon as well, by the way. This way I keep leveling new pokémon over and over.

But I managed to catch this Lapras on a Monday (which is the only day it appears in the game, in some backwater cave) and decided to stick with it for a bit. In the TV series, Lapras apparently functions as a ferry, carrying loads of people over the water. As I was busy surfing along the Whirl Islands, I thought it was appropriate to use him (it even shows a Lapras icon by default if you're surfing).

Why Lapras? 1) Both ice and water type, therefore being less weak towards plant type 2) Gentle, soft and cute ( 2) of course being the most important)!

More grave dilemmas and water pokémon to follow in my next pokémon post.


  1. That's a cute snail/sheep/goat/unicorn/turtle! :) I especially like the shading.

    1. Awws, thank you so much! I think snail-sheep-goat-unicorn-turtle is an apt description. xD

    2. No, no... Lapras is quite clearly a turtle-plesiosaur. ;)


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