Thursday, 19 September 2013

Pokémon: Hated by all

You know that feeling? You're walking through a cave and then... *groan*.

So there are also pokémon I don't like. Many, actually. Today's post is an exception in that I actually drew a pokémon that annoys the hell out of me. You know the one, imagine you're walking through a cave (any cave, I don't think there are any without it)...

Apart from annoying, Zubat is also quite ugly. But if anything stopped me from ever leveling one, it's its evolution Golbat, which is remarkably even more ugly. I usually just catch both forms for my collection and never look back.

However, now Tiger told me that there is another evolution, Crobat. He showed me a picture and I grudgingly had to admit that it looks pretty awesome. So now I need to take a deep breath and level a Golbat. The positive side is that I potentially don't have to level it more than one level. It just needs to like me.

Pokémon start to like you if you drag them around large distances within a pokéball in your bag (no way). Since I don't want to be physically close to Golbat for that long, I'm going for the alternative, bribery haircuts. While I myself procrastinate going to the barber until I really can't comb through my hair anymore because it's so dead, pokémon apparently really like going to the barber, and in turn start to like their trainer more for being so kind as to take them there. The fact that many of them (Golbat included) don't really have any hair doesn't matter, the mere imaginative thought of being at the barber already makes them superhappy. I'll spam the hell out of these 'haircuts' and will try to acquire a Crobat this way. You'll hear about the result in another post.

Last but not least, I found this comic that made me laugh so hard:

See? It's not just me!

Apart from this particular comic being hilarious, I thought it was pretty cool that Jall writes on his site that he started drawing pokémon just to experiment with how to use a tablet. You know, basically like I'm doing now with this pokémon article series. So who knows, there might still be hope for me. Maybe. If I'm lucky!

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  1. Poor zubat. I don't play Pokémon but just based on that I think it would annoy me too. :P


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