Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Sims 3: Life in a penthouse

Granny is getting quite old by now, and after having become a three-star celebrity master chef and earned quite a bit, I thought I would grant her her wish to move to a penthouse. Elaine helped to bring some cash in by tagging some walls for the municipality (my guess is that they decided they rather give out commissions to her than have to deal with the stuff all over town being out of control) and after three days of hard work (Delilah even asked her blog followers for more donations, but this only brought 30 simoleons more to the table) they had gathered enough.

The new house! It has two floors and almost twice the space of the previous flat. Finally no bunk bed anymore now the girls are growing up. However, there was no place for granny's bed as a result, so she'll have to sleep on the balcony for the last days of her life.

The household actually made some money back by selling the old kitchen equipment, as that of the penthouse was already very good. The furniture was very depressingly dark brown, though, so I replaced it and made a new design. Fluo green is the new red, I suppose. Oh, and there's some lilac in the girl's room as well, to keep things a bit happy. Elaine is out of luck: no skull design in the new house, but I think she's getting over that phase a bit.

The most epic thing was installing a bubble bath on the balcony. My Sims run out there to skinny dip all the time. It gets better at night.

Now it was just time to wait and see grandma drop dead and get rid of the bed on the balcony. However, granny didn't seem to want to die. Even though her aging bar was totally filled, the Grim Reaper refused to pay the house a visit. I guess even for Sims death comes unexpected.

Oops, now it was already time for the eldest of the two, Elaine, to grow up into a young adult! She got a special birthday dress and all her schoolmates were invited. I think she tried very hard not to mind the shrimp she got as a birthday present (being a vegetarian).

And I had to spend an hour sorting out new outfits for Elaine, because the computer gave her a horrendous-looking makeover. But the drama had already occurred: one teenager already grew up, so my whole party-teenagers-living-together-without-elder idea has failed. What will happen next? Will granny survive Delilah growing up as well? Find out in the next Sims post.


  1. Hehe... I moved my Sim into that high rise as well. ;) :P Though I actually quite liked the decorations mine had. And for some reason it wouldn't let me put a hottub on the balcony!

    1. I had to call for Tiger's help and use a mod to place the tub there (moveobjects on). It's quite silly that you can't place one there by default, as a tub totally belongs there!

    2. Like Rav said, you have to toggle the "moveobjects" cheat on in order to place a hot tub on a balcony, the reason being that the water filter and bubble jets system is quite large and would normally be dug into the earth. You can actually see it stick through the balcony floor at the right angle, but it doesn't bother me too much.

    3. I'm very familiar with that cheat. ;) Though I figured using it might render the object unusable by the Sim.. as sometimes it can cause problems I think I read.

      But good to know!

  2. *ponders about trying to invent a machine to steal Ravanel's color skillz*

    Hm. A bed in the balcony, huh? I wonder if Sims would wake up if it starts raining.

    And yeah, Sims do not automatically die when they age bar fills up. Each day after the game rolls in a random chance to see if the Sim dies. That is to simulate real life where not everyone dies at the same age. I think the chance is about 14% to live each day after the bar is filled. More if the Sim led a health life. I just tried to google the exact info since I don't remember where I saw the information but failed. Alas.

    Out of curiosity, what kind of job is Elaine going to get now that she is an young adult?

    And is granny flirting with a guy in that second picture?

    ~ Rakuno

    1. Luckily I don't have the Seasons expansion, so it's always amazing weather and granny doesn't freeze to death at night. :D

      And I'll happily design a custom home for you if you give me neighbourhood, address, household information and desired style. Would be fun to try and make something someone else would like. Designing is the thing I like most in the Sims, I can spend hours on it! And colouring is terrible, I spend so long on these...

      I asked Elaine and she answered that she doesn't know yet, but wants to study Fine Arts at the university first.

      Granny was indeed flirting with that guy (to make it even more juicy, he works in the same restaurant but at level 1 or so instead of as top chef and he already has a girlfriend). I think they ended up cutely cuddling in the hot tub. Couldn't deny her that pleasure at the last days of her life. /gossip

    2. Tempting but I will pass, thanks. Building stuff is half of the reason for me to play The Sims 3 (the other half is coming with amusing household ideas) so even if I am terrible at it I have fun doing it. :)

      Besides that there is the advantage of being terrible at something: you can't get any worse at it. You can only go up from there!

      *nods* The university in Sims 3 can be very interesting. Just make sure to make a save right before sending her there as University uses the same bugged travel system as World Adventures. So better safe than sorry!

      Oh, my! Granny certainly doesn't waste time (or let any other "details" get in the way) when looking for love! I guess that is the reason she isn't dying. Granny just loves life too much to simply kick the bucket and fall dead.


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