Friday, 13 May 2016

Fashion Friday: a Sith-style political statement

You know that feeling when you see something in the cartel market that looks absolutely fabulous, but you have no clue which character would wear it? Well, I do. It happens to me a lot. 

I like to make up background stories for my characters. Problem is, many of the really cool looking armour is specific to a certain hero, for instance Bastila and Satele Shan's armour. I always think it feels odd to walk around in the armour that belongs to a celebrity, especially when that person still is alive and active. My characters are no mindless fangirls. But the armour looks so awesome. I need to have this! You will understand: the in-game store provides a great source for inner conflict to me.

Thexan's robe was one of those cartel market pieces I have been drooling at for a while, but never could find a use for. Until today, when I found the perfect excuse to wear it.

My marauder Waseme isn't a cutiepie. Her pre-carbonite outfit consisted of a deep black hooded robe, underneath which you could just about distinguish her smouldering yellow eyes and facial tattoos. Armed with two corrupter blades, enemies ran as soon as they caught sight of her. Waseme knew as no other how to exploit her personal appearance to strike fear into the hearts of her enemy. Fear is a powerful friend to a Sith warrior.

After her capture by Arcann, Waseme found herself in the precarious situation of suddenly needing to lead an alliance of both Imperial and Republic supporters. Her normally so useful frightening look now scared off potential allies: a new, powerful fashion statement needed to be made. Thexan's robe - the robe of the current Emperor's brother she single-handedly murdered - was the perfect fit: a daring gesture to Arcann, totally in Waseme's Dark Side V style. On top of bringing this impertinent message, wearing the robe also metaphorically made her Arcann's equal, black versus white.

In addition to the political statement it makes, the outfit radiates a civilized air that makes Waseme seem more approachable and fit to lead to her peers.

The set

Thexan's robes
Thexan's gloves
Thexan's belt
Thexan's pants
Thexan's boots
Thexan's lightsaber (2x)

The complete set is purchasable directly from the cartel market (it is not RNG hidden in packs) and can be worn by characters of all armour classes (adaptive armour) and levels.

If you like Thexan's robes, you can win them by entering my giveaway on this very blog! You'll have to be very quick, though, because it ends today (13 May 2016) in a couple of hours.

Do you own Thexan's robe? Did you also come up with a "head canon" way to explain wearing it?


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that you come up with reasons for your characters to wear what they're wearing! That seems like something I would have a lot of fun doing on WoW, except I tend to just pick the set with the most purple in it...:P

    1. Haha. "My master likes purple a lot" seems a totally legit reasoning to me! At least that saves a lot of energy and time. I think it's really awesome that you love purple so much that all your characters wear it! I mean, I love purple as well (see the links on this blog), but I only have one dedicated purple wearer. I know, such a scrub. ;)


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