Monday, 16 May 2016

The Star Wars fashion giveaway winners

Thanks everyone for entering my Star Wars fashion giveaway! It was exciting to see if people would actually want the rewards, for instance the wrist warmers. Turns out they were at least as popular as the SWTOR rewards. If you didn't win them, you can always make your own using this pattern, then just stitch the sides together. Special thanks go to everyone who shared my giveaway post.

In this post I'll reveal the winners, who were decided upon by random draw. But first I'll test your patience with the results of the question to enter the giveaway: who's your favourite Star Wars character?

Favourite Star Wars characters

Apparently this was a really tough question, because you guys replied with 22 different names!  

Favourite Star Wars characters of giveaway participants

Obi Wan Kenobi steals the first place (4 votes), closely followed by Revan (3 votes).

I was quite surprised that princess Leia wasn't mentioned even once. I think she's quite badass and I love her in The Force Awakens (even if she's just a side character). But on the plus side, NOBODY SAID JAR JAR. You guys are the best readers ever!

Myself? I also find it really hard to come up with just one character, but if I'd have to choose, I think Yoda is my overall favourite. I really like Satele Shan, Qui-Gon Jinn (*teenager crush alert*) and Rey, too, though. I hung a life size poster of the latter above my bed just yesterday - I'm not even kidding.

The 2016 Star Wars fashion giveaway winners

But you don't want to know all this crap, you want to know who won already! Here you go.

1) The wrist warmers

2) Thexan's robe & lightsaber 
Alph S.

3) Zakuul knight armour

4) Visionary packs
Eric N.
Dee D.
John A.
Simon J.

All winners have been contacted. If you won, but have not gotten any message, check the e-mail address you left in the Rafflecopter (if you logged in with Facebook, it's the one that's linked to your Facebook account) - make sure to check your spam folder as well. You can otherwise contact me with the details posted on my About me page.

Thanks for participating everyone and enjoy your prizes!


  1. Congrats to all the winners!

  2. Congratulations to all the other lucky winners and thanks to you for holding another giveaway! Wonder if we'll see that Zakuul armour featured in a fashion post... :D

    I was actually thinking about mentioning Leia, but then I always think of that damn slave girl outfit from Return of the Jedi. That doesn't really take away from her character, but it does sort of reduce her overall "coolness" factor in the movies I feel...


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