Monday, 26 August 2013

Sims 3: Two wild girls in a boring town

Rakuno's hilarious posts about his Sims 3 household following the Immortal Dynasty challenge made me want to play the Sims again and try a challenge myself. And so I did, but I started with a normal little household without challenge, because it was years ago I last played it and I needed some catching up first.

I was immediately absorbed into the game and didn't do much else than play the Sims 3 this weekend. Tiger surprised me with four (!) Sims expansions (I only had the vanilla version) that were on sale. He is such a sweetheart! (There, now it's official.)

Meet my two teen girls: Delilah (left) and Elaine (right) McKay running to school. My deep plan was to play around with two rogue party girls, living together. But the game didn't allow me to start a household without a grown up, so I got them Granny (aka Vanessa McKay) who will hopefully die of old age soon so they're left alone after all.

Hey, that's not heartless, that's Sims tactics. You need a certain amount of craziness to spend your time bossing around imaginary characters in the first place.

Besides, I bought Granny a cat to have someone to talk to. See how nice of a God-like creature I am? Following her dream to become a master chef, her day and night rhythm isn't exactly compatible with that of the girls. They mostly get remembered of her existence by the leftovers she leaves for them in the fridge. *picks away tear*

The girls live in Riverview town and Delilah decided to follow in my footsteps and started a blog. It's called "A wild girl in a boring town". She already has over 100 followers or something now. I obviously should've called my blog like that instead!

She did not know that her blog title would be outdated very soon, though...

For Tiger gave me the Late Night expansion pack and the girls moved from their Riverview rustic house to the big city for MOAR PARTY!!! However, this caused some frustration because their new apartment was on the 11th floor and there was no garden for Vanessa and Elaine to go nuts on their gardening skillz. Elaine went all rebellious and now leaves tags all over the city.

What I forgot that it's so much fun to design a house!

I totally stressed out when I saw how small the new apartment was for three people to live in, but it was actually a nice challenge that ended up looking quite well.

It's easy to overlook what exactly the house looks like in reality if you're viewing it from above all the time. Making screenshots makes me realize what's still missing. The top picture: cushions on the chairs and something to cheer up that wall.

When I move into a new house in real life, I should definitely recreate it in the Sims first and try out the paint on the wall. I might just end up with a less crazily coloured house than I'm living in right now.

I can't do else than be happy with my teen Sims, though. Even though they are party girls, as soon as they're done with school they start doing their homework. They're as hardcore as to just go sit down outside school on the pavement and do it right there if I don't watch out (I rather let them do it together at home so they pick up some social as well, though). If only real people would be this motivated (starting with, for instance, me)!

I've been playing way too much Sims lately. I hope it's going to be a source of inspiration: some real-life homework would actually be in order.


  1. Oh wow... I totally spent my weekend playing Sims 3 as well! :o My boyfriend got the recent Humble Bundle that had it plus two expansions (I wish I had the pets one like you!) so let me have it. Spent yesterday looking up building tutorials and building a house. :P

  2. *cheers for the Sims 3* I am currently on a break from it myself to play other games but there are still some households I want to get back to and some worlds I want to explore.

    My virtual hat is off for your design skills. I am not that good but I like building and I am slowly improving (Or at least that is what I like to think!) :)

    If you don't mind using mods, you can have a teen-only household. This is one I recommend:

    You will need the base-mod and the integration one. If you are curious what other stuff the mods in that site can do her is a handy FAQ:

    It only covers the tip of the iceberg, the mods there can do a lot of good stuff but I'd advise to install only a few things first, that seem interesting until you get the hang of them then experimenting with the rest.

    Off-topic: Oh, and if you are still interested on Cthulhu, a friend of mine found where you can download all his stories:

    They are in the public domain nowadays (since they were written back in the 1920's) so it is perfectly legal.

    And is there some way I can contact you outside the blog? Just in case I find something like that cthulhu link to pass to you and don't need to go being off-topic in comments. If you prefer not to talk about it in the comments, you can use the contact form in my blog then I will send you an e-mail back to give you some ways to contact me directly.

    ~ Rakuno

    1. I try not to use mods apart for fixing bugs (for instance, I somehow forgot to make the girls sisters, so I did that with a mod). I don't really enjoy working with mods (I'm not much of a whizzkid), I rather just play the game. So I'm okay with Granny walking around until she ceases to exist from natural causes (I could of course attempt to electrocute her, but this makes me feel cruel).

      And thanks for Cthulhu! I should find some time to read that, might take a while. But I'll totally look into it. And I'll let you know when the time is there. :)

      I really like long derailing comments on unrelated topics. My blog can't be polluted enough with them, really. I love seeing where a discussion goes, but if you need there's contact details under About me, or if you click on the portrait of About this blog. Alternatively, you can contact me via Google+. Please don't stop with long derailing comments, though. :D

    2. *nods* Understood!

      And the reason I asked about a way to contact you outside the blog was because the "About me" link isn't working here. Although it seems to be a problem on my side. On my desktop that link isn't clickable with Firefox and Chrome but it works with Internet Explorer. But on netbook it works with Chrome without issue! I have no idea why that is happening but at least now I know about it and maybe I can figure something out, eventually.

      ~ Rakuno

    3. There seems to be something wrong with the width of links allowed (if that even exists in HTML language) of the tabs bar. If you mouse over "Rav's Legion of Death", you'll see the link stops working there half way. I recently changed my games in the tab bar and found that the spot where links stop working is the same. However, I don't know much about HTML and have no clue where to find what's causing this.

      It seems I'm desperately in need of a HTML Hero.

    4. I think you are right about it. Which reminds me... I should really update my knowledge of HTML/CSS to make my own theme for my blog. What little knowledge I have is still back from the days when the fashion for sites was black background, with blinking text and rotating skulls. Ah, simpler times!

      Whenever I get to it, I will give you a holler if I find something that can help you.

  3. That's awesome expansions :P Though I can't be arsed to buy any of them since Sims 4 ain't far off :D Can't wait for that. I have played all the Sims games since I was a kid :) Can't wait to see where it takes us next! Online hopefully ? So we can all meet up ! Would be awesome!

    1. I'm really enjoying the expansions. Although I'm a fan of the Sims, it's something I play by waves. After a year or so I've forgotten how everything works and I can start over playing again. There's enough for me to still discover in Sims 3, so I won't go for 4 just yet. Also the price of any Sims merchandise is pretty steep in my opinion, so I only go for things in sale. I must admit I'm curious at what the Sims 4 will be like, though. Luckily, I'll be able to follow everything about that on your blog. ^^

      A multi-player option of a household would be hilarious - who knows!

  4. Hey! I am adfeminarun, I would like to thank you for your blog, I love it. I am contacting you to ask your permission to use the picture in which we can see two girls running to school for an art project. Currently I am collaborating in this artwork: To sum up, that is a short description:
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    1. Hi Elena, and welcome to my blog! First off, thanks for asking. I'm open to things, but would like to know in what way you'd like to use my image. Could you contact me by e-mail? I can probably dig up a high-rez version and some other pictures of running people in virtual realities if you want.

    2. hi! I have already sent you an email ;) thank you!


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