Tuesday, 13 August 2013

KOTOR 2: Haunted by a magician

Lightsabers are okay, olé olé /random

I haven't written about it in a while, but I'm still playing Knights of the Old Republic 2 from time to time. After initially getting the creeps from Bao-dur's voice, his presence has internalized and I can live with him now. I even got to teach him some jedi tricks and we talk about our time in the Mandalorian Wars on a friendly base. All is well. 

However, I now got a new stalker after me who claimed his own room at my ship: historian Mical. I have only endured him because he was in desperate shape and needed fashion advice. Like, badly.

Yeah, that's him (the right one). It's probably just me having an overly active imagination, but each time I see him I have to think of magician Hans Klok (left) and I just get the shivers. I know, Mical doesn't do the hair that well. So the first thing I tried to do was to find him a barber, but I couldn't find any. Can you believe it? Nar Shaddaa, the underworld trading planet, and there is not a single barber. I did run into an overflow of droid shops, by the way. (I am restraining myself very badly now into not saying something about things I was looking for.)

If you don't know Hans Klok, this video should bring you up to speed.

Meanwhile, the situation was getting more dire by the minute. We had to fight whole armies of bounty hunters and all I could think about was Hans Klok. Needless to say, my concentration wasn't too high, resulting in the capture of my character!

Impersonation of a fallen jedi. Note how I did fall down in style (new robes).

What a worthless jedi I am, getting drugged and captured by a bounty hunter that I trusted just because she had cute feminine looks. I should have seen through that!

We talked a bit on the ship and Mical finally saw the light, exchanged his pink suit for my old jedi robe (a bit of a hierarchy there should be), his vibroswords for a lightsaber. Following the path of Bao-dur, he was robbed of his particularities and creepiness and turned into yet another jedi.

Assimilation complete.


  1. Hans Klok in cyberspace - genius!

    I'm confused though, I thought a "Ravalation Rampage" was when a gamer girl returns from holiday and goes on a blog posting rampage!

    (awesome to see all these posts BTW! :)

    1. Hans Klok in cyberspace might've made for a better title!

  2. This was pretty funny! :)

    I am afraid I don't know Hans Klok (or most likely just don't remember him. I have a terrible memory for faces and names) but the similarity *is* scary!

    I also didn't the pleasure (?!?) of having historian Mical as a companion during my playthrough. I played a male character and they get a different companion instead of him. It drove me bonkers when I met him and his dialogue indicated that he would be a companion. Then when I was about to leave the planet Mical was like "Oh, I actually like it here so I am staying. Kthxbai!". It made me google to find out why he wasn't joining my small army since I thought I was doing something wrong!

    Good job on getting Bao-Dur to become a jedi too! Of the possible companions turned jedi he was the only one (I think) that I was unable to join my mobile jedi school. I also can't see how he would be less creepy with jedi robes. But I will just take your word for it. Just thinking about the guy makes me remember the way he spoke. *shudders*

    ~ Rakuno

    P.S.: Loved the comments box. It makes things easier when checking for replies. :)

    That is an idea I must copy but first I got higher priority issues to solve!

    1. I was afraid non-Dutch people might not know Klok (it's not you, really), so I added a video now that pretty much says everything.

      And I almost feel sad about not picking a male character at the start when I found out I would not get the Echani girl as a companion but Mical instead. You picked the better option, really!

      I'm not sure how you couldn't turn Bao-dur into a jedi - perhaps he needs a lot of attention before he is able to? It's a shame it didn't work for you, because he's really epic. He keeps one-shotting things left and right and is one of my strongest characters together with Kreja. I guess you're right about the voice, it's more getting accustomed to it somehow (I didn't know it was possible either!), or maybe I just don't talk as much to him on the ship cause we've pretty much discussed everything.

      I'm happy you like the comments box - it was even overflowing yesterday. Would love one for Shard of Imagination as well, but good luck on your urgent matters first!

    2. Well, from time to time they show some famous magician shows here on public TV. Also that picture looked like something out of the 80ies to me, for some reason. So I thought it was some magician show they showed around here when I was a kid and just forgot about it. Anyway, thanks for the video and now I wish I could forget it! >_<

      One day I will replay the game with a female character and see what were the other story options. For now I will just enjoy your blog posts about it. :)

      I think I wasn't able to turn Bao-Dur into a Jedi because I pretty much just spoke with him inside the ship and rarely took him out with me. What can I say? There were more interesting and less creepy companions to bring with me!

      And I just remembered earlier today that I could just toggle something on my blog to get a comment box. Just had to do some tweaks to it but that only took a few minutes. Might still tweak it a bit more later on. The important thing is it is there!

      ~ Rakuno

      P.S.: Testing an Open ID thingy too! Hope it works!

    3. I have doubtlessly seen something of Hans Klok (according to Wikipedia, he was included in an NBC production of "The World's Greatest Magic" back in 1994, and I (and my family) were avid consumers of all those illusion broadcasts, especially David Copperfield and Siegfried & Roy (Klok reminds me a lot of a more energetic/flashy Copperfield). Once you get past all the showmanship of the first half of the video, his small illusions are pretty amazing!

      I also did not know there were any so-highly-acclaimed magicians/illusionists who were gay! Pleasant surprise, even if he is a saw.


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