Tuesday, 20 August 2013

SWTOR: Jawas don't enjoy the bounty hunter event

I think this is the best part of the bounty hunter event. Have you run into these little jawas yet?

They're in the bounty hunter event area of the fleet, though it seems they themselves have no clue where the hell they are. Presumably that's their ship out there, because one of them continuously bonks his little fists on the window, as if he wants to say: "I want out!" It's the cutest thing I've seen in ages.

For the rest, I'm not very impressed by the bounty hunter event (I mean, "bounty contract week", totally!). This is partly because there are no rewards that appeal to me*, probably because I don't play a high level bounty hunter myself: the armour is clunky, the weapons don't fit my characters. There's a hat with scarf that looks good and a funny bow caster, but I can't think of any of my characters that could wear them.

For the most part it's because the event itself isn't that interesting, though. There's one bounty hunter questline per involved planet, but the quests are very generic and grindy. The cutscenes feign uniqueness, but the fact that you have to repeat the same action over and over again makes them all feel the same. I have yet to collect my fifth data thingy so I can try the next 'tier', but I'm doing it slowly in between things. I'm not grinding the shit out of this event.

These are the things I do like:
  • You can get your informants to talk either by torturing them with an interrogation droid (dark side points) or by giving them a cocktail to feed them drunk (light side points) - thought that was a pretty creative idea
  • If you don't want to kill your bounty, you can freeze them in carbonite - looks pretty cool to have that carbonite thing floating behind you.
  • There's a floating cocktail 'pet' ("drink server probe"), perhaps something for mistress Fárah? Shame you have to have Legend reputation to be able to buy it.

How have you been enjoying the event so far?

* There's a good overview of all rewards of the event on


  1. The aesthetics of your blog always impress me.

    I enjoyed my first bounty contract week. The actually mechanics of the questing was nothing extraordinary, but it somehow made SWTOR feel like more of a cohesive world than the string of instances it can sometimes be.

    1. Awwws, thank you! I like events for that reason as well. With all these people running around the world feels a bit more alive again.


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