Friday, 23 August 2013

LOTRO: I see dead people

Okay, so my LotRO posts lately seem to be all death-related, but it's not all my fault, really!

Questing with Tiger in northwestern Wildermore. All of a sudden we are surrounded by dead people, ghosts of those who have passed in this land due to the terrible winter ad orc attacks. I really hope we are able to help the people of Wildermore for real soon, because the body count is getting quite high. With the death of each new NPC I forget the name of the previous one. This probably makes me a bad player, but there's just a bit too many for me to remember them all.

The quests go slow and are frankly quite boring (kill x this, collect x that) and there are a lot of them in Wildermore. So we slowly continue finishing one location a Saturday. Talk about immersion: at this pace it really feels as if the winter will never end.

I was a bit shocked when I caught myself red handed while thinking that this was a beautiful scenery. The moonlight drawing the shadows of the trees on the snow made me catch my breath. Then I remembered that I was looking at the fresh grave of a young warrior surrounded by dead orcs, giving the presence of my raven a morbid taste. And I thought: when something terrible turns into something beautiful we can't help but stop and look with fascination.


  1. There is beauty even in the most bleak and desperate situations (although I'm not sure the current state of affairs in Lotro count - boo boring grind!). At least there's something to be said for them (Turbine) doing a good job with getting that hopeless unending winter feeling going - I think Angmar was a lot the same, and the parts of the Volume I story when it seems like everything was going wrong no matter how much you tried. (But I haven't done any Wildermore stuff at all...)

    At least there are brief moments of inspiration amidst all the doom and gloom!

  2. What server do you play on in LOTRO? (or SWTOR for that matter)

    1. Gilrain and the Red Eclipse, check under my 'legion of Death'.


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