Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Pokémon: 8-bit nostalgia

There's something that I should tell you. I hope that it doesn't hurt our relationship badly, but I just can't keep it a secret anymore... I like pokémon.*

As I was off for holiday (aka meditational trip) with my brother and parents, I jested to my brother that he should bring his Game Boy, so we could sit at the back at the car for good ol' times sake and play the the 8-bit sound tunes loudly in my parent's ears (we have a weird sense of nostalgia). For the record, my brother and I are grown-ups now (at least, officially).

So we actually did that, and we ended up playing a lot of Pokémon that holiday. I started a new playthrough of Pokémon Crystal and it's now the game I play in the evenings while waiting for Tiger to come to bed - cause that totally doesn't take long at all (blasted addictive MMOs).

I always used to pick Chikorita as a starter pokémon because I'm a sucker for grass pokémon, but I decided to go for Cyndaquil for a change. It already evolved into a Quilava as we speak.


As I cannot make in-game screenshots in Pokémon, I thought it was a good time to dust off my Bamboo and practice some drawing. My personal challenge is to draw a pokémon for each post I write about the game. Since my photoshop skillz are not very sophisticated (read: non-existent) I don't know how to make colours fade and overlap into each other, so this explains the Quilava above. In a way, the simple design does have its charm, I think.

Out of the three forms (Cyndaquil - Quilava - Typhlosion) I think Quilava might be my favorite, so cute!

*Not the TV-series, I guess I was always too old for that, but I always used to love the games.


  1. I am so glad I am not the only gamer who has a soft-spot for Pokemon! Pokemon Silver was always my favourite, and I always chose Cyndaquil hehehehe :)

    1. Cyndaquil/Quilava is so cute, so cool that you like them as well! My brother used to play Silver, so I bought myself Gold back in the day (so we didn't have to fight over the Game Boy) but I always thought those were the best as well. (Crystal is basically the same as Gold/Silver with some extras, comparable to Yellow vs Red/Blue).


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