Monday, 12 August 2013

SWTOR: I love wampas! (And tauntauns, for that matter)

 I thought tauntauns were nice... (+100 social points if you get the reference.)

Why? Well, because they're white and furry, and because they reward me with tauntaun domestication data pads and... because they drop CRAFTING MATS. Seriously, my sage has been parked on Hoth for the past few days and it's epic.

Okay, maybe the gameplay of running around a deep frozen planet in search of tauntauns for 2-3 hours isn't that intriguing (not to say grindy), but I thought it wasn't too bad. I would just check the three nests in the Clabburn Tundra area*, switch instance, check them again and then continue with whatever chore I was doing in the house. As an extra boon people tend to leave dead wampas behind, allowing me to get loads of tier 6 and 9 biochem mats. 

I quite liked to roam around Hoth, looking for hidden nests with my binoculars. I found many places that I hadn't been to before and even did some GSI stuff (which I find far more frustrating than the tauntauns, if I'm honest).

And apparently, tauntauns can do amazing low kicks (see picture).

I currently have enough data to buy a tauntaun, but now the real difficulty arises...

Who gets the tauntaun?

Ravanel portrait Fárah portrait Xialin portrait
Haradwen portrait Y-u'no portrait Ravalyn portrait

Of course it's all about fashion. I cannot choose between the mountain and the tundra tauntaun, so the only solution is to get both. 

Ravalyn was the first character that came to my mind, because she is a jedi knight, like Luke Skywalker, and because she wears a brown outfit (Bastila Shan's Tunic) that would fit well with the mountain tauntaun. She also doesn't have a speeder yet that I like. Is it a bit ridiculous though to give a tauntaun to a level 16 alt?

Ridiculous or not, I did it anyway. Rawr!

That still leaves the tundra tauntaun to decide about, though. As Ravalyn spends most of her time in warzones, I'd like to give the other to a character of higher character that I play more regularly in the outside world. The options:
  • Sage Ravanel: already has a perfect greenish speeder that I got for my birthday from my Imp's guild leader. 
  • Sorcerer Fárah: would never 'lower herself to riding a furry animal' (her words). 
  • Slinger Y-u'no: uses the complimentary speeder I got when a friend subscribed which I like, yet a tauntaun would fit with her tauntlet pet.
  • Sentinel Haradwen: uses a gold-with-red speeder that matches her outfit. 
  • Vanguard Xialin: should get the white-with-turquoise-accents Light Rank 5 speeder to match her outfit. And that's all the characters I can see myself playing on a regular basis.
I can't decide, help me! Who did you get a tauntaun for?

How to get a tauntaun

You can either buy one for credits or collect the required tauntaun data yourself. As for guides, there's of course one on Dulfy. If you're thinking about buying your tauntaun instead of collecting, I advise keeping an eye on Hoth's general chat (at least, for as long as tauntauns are still 'hot'). With people competing over the same economical market, data prices occasionally drop down to less than 50% of the vendor price.

Tauntaun mount. Soft, cute, cuddly and no exhaust fumes. What more to wish for?

* These nests in this area are not so far away from each other, so that's why I picked them. 


  1. Part of my brain says that reference is familiar but for the life of me I can't remember it.

    As for who should get the Tauntaun... I am assuming you can have it and the speeder, right?

    For trolling and lolz I'd say Sorcerer Fárah since she would hate it. But then again you would have to come up with a good excuse for it and only you would understand the trolling going on. So... might not be a good idea after all.

    Hm. Perhaps Slinger Y-u'no since you said it would go well with her pet.

    The others already seem to have a speeder that matches their outfit or will be getting one.

    As a last resort you could roll a dice to decide. Then if at some point you regret the decision you can blame it on the dice!

    ~ Rakuno

    1. Don't sorcerers get this big hungry lump of nastiness as their first companion? Could be that Fárah got the tauntaun as a meal for it/him, but are withholding it to maintain his obedience... (My knowledge of sorcerers is limited to playing alongside Chris on his, and that was only through most of Dromond Kaas.)

      I had a good laugh at the lovely ladies of the Legion of Death all lined up expectantly waiting to be chosen for their new mount. :)

    2. Hahaha, you guys are awesome! Trolling the monster by withholding a tauntaun meal is so ingenious that I'd almost do it. The tauntaun doesn't fit with Farah's outfits at all though (blast my obsession over fashion!), so I'm currently torn between my main Ravanel (because she is my main and probably likes animals - but nice speeder), Yu'no (because she has the baby tauntaun pet - but nice speeder) and Haradwen (because the posts about wanting to ride a tauntaun are hers - but nice speeer). Mostly the first two, though. And blast nice speeders, too!

      You're right in that you can have multiple mounts to choose from, but as you can only ride one at a time, I try to choose favourites for each character that fits them best.


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