Wednesday, 7 August 2013

SWTOR: How not to do the Czerka flashpoints

Was anyone else reminded of a Mass Effect DLC here?

Yay, new flashpoints released! Tigers sentinel just hit 55 and two friends we like to PvP with were available, so this seemed as good a moment as any. Okay, I was babysitting a sentinel in crafted gear and a fully partisan geared sage and a shadow tank, but accuracy is for the weak. Besides, it's not about gear but about skill, right. So what could possibly go wrong?

Stop chuckling at the oven mitts. I wear my mitts with pride.

Okay, apparently it can go wrong like this. A lot.

The first boss was a bit painful. With a bit of bad luck, the shadow tank's health would be brought back to 20% with one hit. With a bit more back luck, I would be pulled into the middle at the same time and had to heal and run at the same time (which doesn't really work). We're talking try 4 now. After what seemed like an age we hit the enrage timer (yes he has one) and I could finally persuade Tiger to relog to his properly geared sage. It's not really fair as that fight seems to favor ranged DPS a bit, but after that the first boss was a piece of cake. An annoying piece of cake though.

Why do all the bosses have to pull us in / knock us unconscious all the time? Gaaaaaaaaah.

Yay, bioanalysis on bosses is back! (Doesn't work in Scum & Villany.)

Meanwhile, guildies were talking to each other on guild chat how the flashpoints were a bit easy.

Ah well, at least we were having a hardcore time trying to figure out the boss mechanics while people were dropping like flies. We didn't even wipe on every boss, sometimes we figured them out in time. I needed to heal like mad. It was a challenge with the feeling of a proper 'hardmode', with the word in its old fashioned meaning. I shouldn't complain, as challenging content is what players say they are looking for all the time. And we did make it in the end.

Yet I do feel I should do this again with PvE geared people soon, just to ensure for myself that I'm not an ultimate crap healer!


  1. Ultimate crap healer? What happened to heal-one-million Ravanel?My life is more complete with your return and I'm glad you're writing about games you enjoy instead of feeling chained to one thing or another! And hey, Shadow tanking is how I managed to survive my final boss fight of Chapter 3. :)

    1. Good to see you back and thanks for still liking this stuff. It was getting so quiet, I thought I was just talking to myself here. :P

      What happened? Nothing as far as I know. And while shadow tanks are fine, they do suffer from unpredictable spike damage if their shielding thingy fails (I don't play one so I don't know the proper words), which sort of gets interesting when they are squishy because of wearing wearing PvP gear (heavy on the in PvE worthless expertise stat, low on useful stats, no accuracy). So don't worry, nothing against shadow tanks in general! ^^


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