Sunday, 4 August 2013

Back from cyberspace

Hi all, I'm back! It was good to be away in cyberspace for a bit, but it's been long enough. Avatar Ravanel has handed over the diary to me again. She finally seems to have settled on spending her life in Star Wars now and celebrated her new insights with a new haircut. 

As for me, the Avatar Blogger Month / Challenge proved to be super hard. It was a fun experiment, but I find I'm not able to write on topics I sort of needed to for the storyline on command. Just like I would secretly love a single-topic blog, but I'm way too enthusiastic about different things to resort to one game. I need to write about the things I care about, or I'll simply loose my interest for blogging. I know, so little discipline!

The coming time I plan to focus on Star Wars as my main game, but I'll still write about other games and topics that enthuse me. I'm playing LotRO from a new perspective (more about that soon) and should really pick up KOTOR again with Tiger. There's already a post ready for tomorrow and now it's time to work on new banners. For those who are reading this: thank you for sticking around!


  1. Welcome back! :)

    And definitely just write about whatever you feel like it. I don't see this as a lack of discipline as much as being passionate about a lot of things. Something that is quite healthy, in my opinion. :)

    ((You can say this is borderline hypocritical though since from time to time I worry about the same thing! >_<))

    ~ Rakuno

    1. I sometimes just need the courage to write about whatever. I know it's ridiculous, but sometimes I feel I should write a certain amount of posts about Lotro/SWTOR for instance. While in the end it's not a job but just a hobby.

      Off-topic: did you know your profile still links to your old blog? Should change that, your new one looks great. :)

    2. I can relate. Although my problem is more with writing about MMOs, even though there are other things I might feel like writing about and might even be interesting. MMOs just happen to be easier for me to write since it is more of an unique experience and thus easier to make it look interesting.

      Off-topic: Yes, I know about that. I haven't figured yet how to use Open ID to link to my new one. I have been procrastinating about that for a while so I have just been using the old one out of laziness. >_<


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